Pain and twitching while meditating

So as I recently started picking up Magick, reading through the forum I started doing some visualization exercises to hopefully stimulate my psychic senses etc. and afterwards some void meditation. All goes well, nothing out of the ordinary happens.

Until I feel a sharp pain in my tongue as if someone bit it. It wasn’t me, I halfway fell asleep with my mouth open while meditating until that sharp pain brought me back to ‘the front’.
Also, my muscles and especially my fingers tend to twitch while meditating.

But my main question is, is this common? Random pain or twitching? Or possibly even a medical problem?

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I twitch all the time and i meditate usually at least 2 hours a day. My interpretation of the twitching is its unwanted energy being suddenly released from your aura as you are correctly balancing your energy when meditating. Or its deep physical tension being released that you normally cant notice at all. I cant say for sure but i think its to do with your aura and the energy correcting itself in some way. I used to get the pains too but i have no clue what they were, maybe the bodies energy lines at a guess. I often get this sort of bubbling sensation in my muscles to which i think is also unnoticed tension being released from the muscles. Your physical and energetic bodies are deeply connected.


I wonder. I know the first time I tried to evoke and achieve complete manifestation of a spirit it made my neck violently. It still happens on occasion to a lesser degree. I was told for that scenario I was trying to bring more energy through than I could handle. I have assumed likewise for the other situations it has presented itself.

Yes that would explain the twitching, thank you

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I contemplated about me biting my own tongue but I woke up with my mouth open and unmoving and my tongue just hurt. The pain dissipated quickly though. I thought it might be a spirit but it’d just seem weird to me to do that

No problem. I usually do a full body scan to start off with making sure every thing is relaxed and my energy is flowing freely, that really seems to help with the twitching.

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I twitch a lot too… i found out supplements potassium and magnesium helps me with that! I still twitch when I don’t take them :sweat_smile: I have no sense of diet…
Not saying you need supplements but check what you eat!


No it’s okay. I’ll try out your advice with some pills which I should have at home. It’s appreciated! :smile:
Perhaps I also possibly have some deficiency in magnesium and all that

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This is super sensible advice. If you can, you can get your vitamins checked with bloodwork at the doctors.
Your nerves need enough electrolytes to function properly. It’s better to add high nutrition food rather than pills though. E.g., 1-3 brazil nuts a day for Selenium, should be cheaper and healthier than supplements.


Funny enough I got my blood checked two times and the first time I only had a lack of vitamin D and the second time I was perfectly fine so y’know