So I’ve started actively (but slowly) experimenting with Goetian demons, so I invoked Paimon. I meditated in front of candles and had frankincense burning. I had no intention to call someone in particular and I played it by ear. Then Paimons name dropped into my head and I decided to go with him. I chanted his name, after I start relaxing, maybe a dozen times and I felt him there, inside my head. So I took pen and paper and start writing the stuff he was saying.
So this is what I wrote and I hope if anyone who works with him can throw in some more information, decipher his words or can indicate the consistencies.

"I am the one, the knowledge. I’m not of this world nor do I come from the underworld. My children are legions.
What are you required of me? (I replied saying knowledge). Wisdom will come to you eventually, very soon, sooner than you expect.
(then he said something personal, which I won’t write here).
I’m Paimon, I’m under Satan, I’m a child of light, light of the dark. I possess all the knowledge you want. I’m the Behemoth, the ruler of six kingdoms, my name is Paimon, I do exist, seek me as Azura.
(more personal stuff here).
You can work with me, call me often if you wish to learn how to perform magick.
(more personal stuff).
My colour is green.
(Here I asked him why he helps mortals). We help people because it’s against your religion to give knowledge.
(I ask him here for his help with somethings). If you want to … you have to help us in return. In good time it’ll be clearly revealed to you how you can help us. But trust us that we will help you to…!
(I asked him something regarding a current situation). This is Satans work, it’s purification. Also someone, more than one is working against you without knowing. She’s very powerful because of intense will. (he actually gave me a name).
Protect yourself. Throw a mark, create soldiers around you and we will power them for you. Create 6 with armor, all men, give them swords. Feed them everyday by praying to them. After this you’ll be protected from everything.
(more personal stuff).
Soon something life altering will fall in your lap.
(Here I asked him who are “we”, as he was using plural). Us is me and all my representations. Do not banish us if you like our energy in your house.

I also have to say that I don’t use circles as I don’t feel that I need protection anymore. So I got the feeling that Paimon liked that and he dealt with me almost in friendly way. Kinda like the very powerful and insightful type of friend. His voice was on a normal tone, deep and powerful but not intimidating at all. Also even though I didn’t visualized him I got the impression that he must be very good looking.


Also, how do I create these soldiers? What does he mean with that? Is it egregore creation? This is something that I have never done in all my work with Ancient mysticism.

Hi, Lady Eva has a post up about creating wards, I believe that is what he has asked you to do…go to search and look up how she describes.
Awesome post!

I use Nergal Solider all the time, and its Pretty Effective, I didn’t create them, since Nergal have already done so, But if your able to do so(Create or find Ward(Solider) do it, its great

Here’s the thread where I posted the exact stages by which I learned to create wards, this was from childhood onwards and I still use it, so over 25 years’ worth of putting it to the test: what’s normal?

There are other methods, so ask King Paimon if this one is right for you. :slight_smile:


I like this, thanks Eva.

King paimon said that he’ll power these soldiers/wards for me but he also said to feed them with a prayer everyday. So I gather that could be a prayer with the intention (which you mention in your post) instilled in it?
Also he mentioned to give each a black armor so shiny you could see reflections. Is he asking for mirrors? Because that’s how I took it.

I think those are things to ask him, you have good comms going on there so I don’t want to try and second-guess him, especially because while I’ve worked with him, I don’t feel we have a very strong link, nor like I have a good handle on how he works, soz. :slight_smile:

So I did create the six servitors and then I “branded” them with a sigil carrying the will I placed in them during their creation. The sigil was charged with sex magick. Paimon did pay a visit during the creation and he had company, two things that I felt like some kind of dogs.
I must have projected doing the ritual, because for a few moments my carpet turned into grass, my floor into a small hill, my walls into oak trees and my candles into a small campfire. It was nice and took me back to memories from my homeland.

What did he mean by this?

^The way i understood (and felt) that answer of his, is that demons under Satan, although autonomous with free will, they still adhere by his adversarial nature.
Simply put they`re all rebels, opposing the role of certain deities which are encompassed by dogmatic religion in a monotheistic paradigm, that promotes ignorance.
So if for example, angels are disallowed or castrated from sharing knowledge of a higher consciousness, demons are acting on an opposite manner by sharing that knowledge freely.