This is my communication with Paimon this morning.

“Princess of a thousand realms, how are you?”


“Good, your sure?”

Yes Belial is helping me.

"Well he is right you know. "

Yes I know.
But are you with me on this?

“What kind of question is that, of course I’m with you.”


Are you going to ask all of us that?

Maybe. I don’t know.

Well your going to get the same answer every time but go ahead.
Why don’t you were earrings anymore?


Earrings why don’t you were them, I know you have some.

Just forget I guess, why do you want me to wear earrings?

Just seems to me a princess ought to wear earrings.

If it will please , king Paimon then I will were them

Good, I could send you some new ones…

Well, women do love presents :black_heart:

Good. Then.


And as far as the other don’t worry over it. You have me and anything you need.

He then takes my hands kisses it and is gone.


I love reading your interactions.


Aww… thank you! :heart:

I am researching and so often you see huge warnings. Is it because these people are not humble and respectful?


I think so or they jump in over their heads without research and caution.


Each one I am working with I am researching and notating my notes in Google Docs- listening to videos and stories… I make a piece of artwork to work on with them. Its seems to be easy to sit and do in the midst of muggles… They just think I have an imagination… I want to place a treat for King Paimon I was thinking Chai tea and nuts.


I wish I had any kind of talent.

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I think that would be really nice


sent you a msg - question on another subject.

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Yeah, that’s a big one with King Paimon. Often a gentle giant, so to speak, but don’t take his presence in life for granted in my experience…


King Paimon is an amazing king indeed. He knows and teaches things. And he’s friendly and sometimes funny too.


King Paimon seems really kind and supportive.


Of course he is!

I reached out Paimon again.
I was curious.

Princess of a thousand realms?

It means you have conqoured and overcome.
You have proven your strength and might.
You have walked on coals and stood firm.

You took the stars and held them.
You touched the heavens and walked in hell.
You fought battles and carry scars.

But you dear princess, always rise above.
You are cherished… you will become even more.

A thousand realms times a thousand realms
Who counts?
Don’t forget who you are.
We stand here in time and between time.
Your realms and your places
Your our princess
You know this
Stand firm, the 9 kings stand beside you.


King Paimon is like that sometimes, more poetic than other times. But he also tells me things like that (though for other things that will change the mankind for the better and for the final war)


Sitting here after an interesting conversation with King paimon listening to Passacaglia(mystery sonata) as his presence is still heavy around me, possibly enjoying the offerings and music.

As his request i preformed this evocation at a place of learning. In this case in front of the fountain at one of the LBJ library. I decided to make an offering of caffeine (monster java) and chocolate in gratitude for some of the texts he led me to recently.

As i preformed the evocation i could feel his presence as i sang his enn and did my simple conjuration. When i made my offering i felt a surge of energy around me when he accepted it.

As with the others i asked him to guide me, empower me and walk with me through out my work.

He said "Do you intend to ask us all this for your own confirmations? Cause we already are with you. You know why.

I smiled and told him yes mostly for my own confirmation and to crystallize my own vison on this plane.

At this he smiled and asked offered his assistance with this. I asked for him to teach me and raise me up as much as my own abilities will allow so that i may help raise other in time.

At this i heard great laughter then he told me to share a toast with him as i brought my own drink.


Yeah, he’s really amazing. Last time I summoned him he was like:

“It took you more time to notice me than usual, I guess you’re getting rusty”

“Of course King Paimon, I’m 20 now, can’t you see that most of my life is over? Clearly at the end”

“Well, still a child for humans…but you’re good”

And then we both laughed.

It’s really cool when you connect with him because even though he’s serious, he always makes you feel good to be with him.


Yeah one thing that caught me off guard was while his presence filled the area i didnt even notice the cold. Minutes after i closed the ritual and he presence dissipated it all hit me at once :rofl: felt like it went from 70° to 45° was insane :rofl:


Yeah, that happens sometimes because the energy is intense

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So Paimon paid me another visit

This was his message.

The key is yours to use.
Open a lock
Open a lock

The stars call your name
Reach out and answer them

You are a light
Princess, a fire
A beacon

The key is the way to shine forth
You are so much more

Become the bright one
Sweet Arianna
Become the bright one.

The key is the way
Follow it.
Use your light…
Shine like the stars…

King Paimon has spoken.

So that’s what he said …very curious indeed.

Arianna :rose: