Paimon in my dreams?

I have heard that Paimon is not a good one for a newbie to start with. Not sure if this is true or not. Anyway if that’s the case, why am I having dreams of his sigil? Also, I could swear I felt his presence near me earlier today. I just somehow knew. It was almost overwhelming. I have never evoked him or opened his sigil. I have thought about opening his sigil and working with him, but not yet until I can decide on some questions to ask him.

Anyone else have this experience?

His energy was very overwhelming and uncomfortable to me, and yet at the same time I was drawn to continue working with it. I wants to get used to it or at least not be uncomfortable in his presence. It felt dark, not evil but far from benevolent.

I quit working with it because as I’d open a sigil I felt compelled to extend the opening/charging sessions or do them over and over to feel that power and presence. I used his sigil pretty early on but I would not suggest him for your first few evocations. That’s just my opinion.