Pagan apartments

I think there should be apartment buildings for pagans and others involved with non-mainstream spiritual traditions. I mean regular people could live there, but they’d be places that would not judge someone on their practices. In fact they could host weekly classes.


I don’t want to sound like a douche, but probably will, anyway here goes:

  1. That sounds ridiculous. You think pagans are all the same? So you’re going to put Folkish and universalists all in the same apartments?

  2. If you still have a problem with being judged then you’re not mentally ready to be a serious practitioner yet.

Imagine how hard it must have been when people weren’t only getting judged, but burned at the stake, or tortured during the inquisition. Face it, life is a lot easier now, so overcome these delicate sensibilities of yours. Not very manly.


No offence or anything but that’s seriously the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. We don’t need special apartments just because someone has a different religion from everyone else.

Thats like making special apartments for Christians or Muslims just because they are different. Ain’t no one gonna judge you on your practices so as long you don’t tell the wrong people and you don’t go around with a sign over your head saying you practice magick.

This topic is quite pointless in my opinion but whatever.


I really fucking hate those guys. Just want to run them over.


That’s actually a beautiful idea, I am not sure how practical it would be. I see a magickal herb garden, a sanctuary etc… my mind really can envision this, but I don’t think that would work in a city.

There are places similar like communes or ashrams, are you thinking something along those lines for pagans?

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So many people want this dark magicians, wiccans and so forth it’s annoying as hell. Just as annoying the ones that think the witch hunts will start again. Those people make this undeniably cringy.


It would be pretty cool to have segregated zones for each religion and spirituality. Then we can have turf wars and take over. :smile:


When you put it that way you make it sound pretty entertaining. However we should divide it even further, along more lines. Folkish vs Universalists. Jehova’s witnesses vs Mormons. Jews vs black Israelites.


Nice. This is one shoah I do not want to miss.


Wait, don’t we do that already?


I don’t believe it. Have you been having turf wars without me?

I bet it’s more Witch Side Story than Fangs of New York.


I can just imagine all the war booty. All the fine young women we get to take from those
effeminate universalists.


Good grief, look at the time! Its “How not to have this uncomfortable conversation” O’Clock!


You bitch.


One word:


The OP’s idea sounds good in theory. In practice, no.

[Cyberseeker shakes his head, while whispering, “No”.]



Your point is what exactly?

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Not to step on your feet and get in trouble, but discrimination is a biological imperative. The problem isn’t discrimination, it’s that he’s trying to live in a bubble, which is not only counterproductive for somebody seeking growth, but also doesn’t even exist.

Pagans are a very divided people, there’s more division and resentment between the factions than they both harbor towards Christians.


There are several problems with this:

  1. Pretty sure this is going to get you into a lot of trouble, considering that accepting tenants of specific beliefs, races etc. is considered discrimination.
  2. Just because everyone there is of the same practice, it doesn’t mean people are going to get along. I can see curses being thrown around between neighbors who hate each other’s guts.
  3. There’s a high possibility of attracting people who claim to practice magick but actually don’t, or they’re charlatans. And before you suggest that you can just kick them out, again, you can get into a lot of trouble based on discrimination.
  4. I think just making workshops is what should happen. You can do that without being the landlord of an apartment complex.

This too.

I think all those “let’s make an apartment for pagans” and “let’s raise awareness for magic” threads all come down to the human desire to be accepted and part of a group. While this is understandable, cause it is part of human nature, you have to face reality:
The path you’re taking isn’t appealing for many people, and that will probably not change.
And as people before me have stated, “pagans” aren’t a homogeneous group at all. It is merely a vague term combining people of all kind of different non-abrahamic faiths or practices. They don’t have anything in common but this.

I’d suggest you find some people that have similar views like you and just meet up to talk about it.
Everything else is a utopia in my opinion.