Can someone advise me here? I am a little bit under-informed about those pacts we are advised to make with the spirits.
How does it come about. Does the spirit actually ask you first to make a pact with him, or can you decide to make one any time. If so how do you go about it? Can you write your own pact, for exactly what the clauses should be? Are they useful, and do they bring the spirit closer to, and in a much better relationship with you?
When a pact has been reached, do the spirits come much quicker when called, than those with whom one does not have a pact?
Thanks in advance.

a pact is just a contract you make with a spirit over a short, medium, or long term. you offer them something they want in exchange for something you want. it’s basically favor for a favor.

Thanks. That means one has to actually encounter the spirit before making the pact, otherwise, how would one know what the spirit wants in return?