Pacts with Something Other than Demons?

Ok I’m unfamiliar with the term oobe? What does that stand for @anon48079295?

Out of body experience, physical projection, etheric projection, and astral/mental.

Aha ok that I know of just hadn’t seen that shortening before ok :+1:t5: :pray:t4:

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That is true, Siren aren’t bad, I have dream about sirens at least three times . I saw sirens in the ethrice realm the first time, there were at least three of them, grayish looking, but look very alluring, and sexious. I were transport to their realm via boat that me and fellow other people roade on that look like a ride stright out of splash mountain

You do know sirens are not merpeople, right?

The actual mythological sirens have the bodies of birds and the faces of women. The only thing “sexious” about them is their voice.

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what u taking about are Harpies they are bird people, the people of Greek didn’t know the different

Actually you’re wrong, DK was very much accurate on what he described. Here so you can do more research and learn the difference given they are in greek mythology I wouldnt say what the greek did or didn’t know.

Harpies are very similar to Valkyries, Sirens are very much described as bird people, sea nymphs who often took the form of birds, given to them by the Goddess Demeter, they were originally Persephone’s handmaidens. They were called sirens due to their alluring voice that was used to draw in and kill men. It goes onto show that they are considered sea nymphs due to their father being a river God so in greece many beings with a sea deity as a parent are often likened to sea nymphs.

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Then why do people say sirens are the evil merman, and mermaid of the merpeople? if siren are bird people

People call sirens evil sea nymphs, again likened to Nymphs due to their sea god parentage, so sirens and merpeople are often confused together even now a lot of mythology has been changed to where merwomen are thought to lead men to their doom.

Plato said there were three kinds of Sirens : the celestial, the generative, and the purificatory / cathartic. The first were under the government of Zeus, the second under that of Poseidon, and the third of Hades.

Pacts with demonic beings? (Not demons)

So I assume the one that work for Zeus and Possion were the good one then

There’s no good and bad sirens, theyre just sirens who follow orders or do as they please.


Maybe you should actually read the mythology and not fantasy novels and role playing games. Sirens were bird people, who lived on an island. That is why their song lured sailors who would pass by on their ships.

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I think in Witchcraft they call it a dedication. I think the Catholics do something like this too. Although, pact implies more or a “this for that” relationship or something clandestine.
Although, making a pact with anything that was not Jesus Christ even 50 years ago, might have created a lot of problems in the community you lived in if people found out so maybe that is why pact is clandestine. It had to be kept secret so your children could go to school and not be abused by the other children for their mom and dad being devil worshippers.

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