Pacts with devotion

So Iv been itching to start my first pact with King Paimon to help me with my studies and building my self back up as well as a few other things. I do and would enjoy being a student to him and learn all I can so that’s another reason for the pact. Money be nice especially right now but in my heart knowledge that I can use such as spells, incantations ect is what I really want as well as opening to my true and full potential.
But one thing is, I am a devoted person to Hekate and I know for a fact she’s been wanting me to grow and finally move on in my rebirth. But I also know she wants me to work closely with her to. I know that both King Paimon and Hekate don’t mind working together and in fact I feel they are in the background. In fact I think it is King Paimon that helped get us back together again. But my whole point of this is, does anyone who devote them self to a person already can make a pact with another. I know it’s a noob question but the reason why I ask is because it seems that there is two types of people on here with two types of options on pacts.

  1. The first be those that make it the duration or longer then to their life span of this present life. They say it’s to only really focus on that being and to work one on one with them.
  2. Then there is the second that has theirs set for either a limited time, such as a few months, all the way to the majority of their life here. They would work closely with that person and for most part make it their main focus but also do other things with other beings.
    Now I have a thought that JUST popped up of a guy who is devoted to Hekate but also have three separate pacts with three separate beings who apparently are represented in jars, (which is odd why would they have jars…) and no it’s not like the canopic jars. But anyways, I’m simply seeing what you guys have to say. I know it’s mostly personal choice and of course if the two parties are in agreement.

When you’re devoted to Hekate and want a pact with King Paimon, just talk to him & her. I don’t know why it should not fit. Maybe an other one knows it better…

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