Pacts vs evocation and simply asking to work with

I’ve often wondered the advantage of creating pacts vs evocation and asking to work with and assistince with a goal. I feel compelled to work with King Paimon on a goal- part of me also feels compelled to offer a pact. That is a first for me- what should I offer? Libations of wine every full moon or a more appropriate interval? Not sure how often or what to offer- also not sure how to tell if pact as agreed upon if evocation fails. Probably not the first time this came up

My understanding is that pacts are usually for long term goals, and direct ascent, rather than a simple short term task. An example would be making a pact to build wealth versus evoking to bring a certain amount of cash. As for offerings, ask the spirit. From personal experience, I know King Paimon likes chocolate, but he may want something specific from you. You don’t offer a pact, but you can ask it the spirit wants to make a pact with you. Sometimes the spirit will suggest one if it thinks the task warrants it. A pact binds you to the spirit more than a simple evocation.