Pacts and Demons

Do I need to make a pact with a demon in order to work with a demon? I’m not so sure I’m ready to make one because of my lack of self discipline, plus my astral senses are even opened yet.

no you don’t have to


If you’re not ready, then you probably shouldn’t, right? Use some common sense and caution.

I can’t tell from your post if you meant that they are or aren’t open. If you don’t have a way of communicating, then you’re really not ready. At least do some searching for tarot or pendulum methods and be sure you have an idea of how to ask questions with the method you’re using.

Doesn’t mean you can’t ask for things and offer things. Just means you’re not ready for something that serious.

Some of the people here don’t use them at all, so I would advise you to seek out their point of view prior to doing them.

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