Pact without much experience

I found Magick last year and since then I have had some progress with spells and some with evocations, I have tried many things and learned a lot from courses, books and some experience. I feel like it takes too long and I have some important goals I really would like to accomplish before next year and I haven’t really ever had a two-way conversation with a spirit, I have tried to call them and talk to them but no answer. I was thinking about making a pact this month to give me a push in the right direction, is this a good idea to do if you never have spoken to the spirit before or any spirit? I feel like I am moving forward very slowly and I just know that they can help, I want big results and I feel ready to make a change. I also plan on including things in the pact that will help me keep my end of the deal, like maybe ask the spirit to make me feel a certain way, for example, instill strong motivation and discipline so that I am 100% sure we both get what we want, is that a good idea? I am not sure what spirit to choose since I don’t know any of them, but I have been thinking about maybe King Belial or King Paimon maybe. Who would you recommend? I want to choose a spirit that can accelerate the development of my magickal senses and my spiritual growth and teach me magick as well as other stuff.


This sort of thing can take years. Wanting quick results can hold you back, so be as patient as you can.
King Paimon is definitely a great place to start, and there is no need for a pact.
Research, learn, call out to him, and wait.
All things in time.

I have called out to different spirits including Lucifer but I never seem to get an answer no matter what method I try, I would love to just start working with them but I have tried and it doesn’t work for me. The thing is my situation requires me to get results, for my own and others safety. And I don’t see any other way I would get the results I need in time without spirits intervening in my life. I’m feeling very tired of slowly progressing especially when I need the exact opposite. One of the main things of this pact is to learn how to manifest all the money I need and maybe get some help with that and I’m not sure why but I feel pretty ready for a pact, this seems like the only thing that can get me out of this complicated situation and it seems quite hopeless without their help, could a pact guarantee that I get in contact with them and invite their influence into my life?

You cannot rush your development.

As Belial said to me when I wasn’t progressing as fast as I wanted to, “Spirit (meaning the Greater You) cannot be rushed. Things will open in their own time.”

A pact is not a shortcut.

A pact requires agreement with the entity in question. If you cannot communicate with the spirit, how can you expect to make a pact? A pact is a binding contract, and as such, each party must make their wants and desires known to the other. You don’t get to choose what you will give to the spirit in return for their work, they do. All you get to decide is if you are willing to give it or not. Think of it like a business contract, and negotiate, but that requires communication.


Thank you, since I can’t communicate with them I’m thinking about paying someone to make the pact happen. I was thinking that if I make the pact they will speak to me because I can’t seem to get an answer with other methods. It’s fine that I don’t get to choose that because I still get to choose what I want out of it. But I really want to get in touch with them and have their influence in my life and get their professional guidance. But it can work as a shortcut can’t it? Because I have heard people saying that things really take off and they get big changes in a short period of time at least shorter than it would have taken them to do it by themselves. There are some changes I can have more patience with but other changes like learning how to manifest money is something I want and need to learn pretty quickly. Will they be able to communicate with me somehow if I sign the pact? Like telepathically or through synchronicity to send a message so they can teach me? I don’t know anyone in my country that can help me so that’s one reason why I’m seeking out the spirits.

No, it doesn’t work that way. Even if someone else makes the pact on your behalf, that will not help you to communicate with the spirits any better. You still have to do the work to develop your senses through meditation and energy work. You can’t get away from putting in some effort yourself. You won’t suddenly be able to hear spirits just because you signed on the dotted line.

Sometimes it works that way, but sometimes it doesn’t. There is absolutely no guarantee it will work that way for you. Everyone is different and the magick works in the way the spirit thinks would be best for your goal, and what the spirit thinks is the best way may not be what you think is the best way. For example, when EA made his pact with Azazel and asked for prosperity, the first thing that happened was that he lost his job.

I think your expectations are way too high as to what a pact can do, and the magick will fail because of it. You seem to be overly attached to the result you want which can interfere in the outcome. Nothing is guaranteed in magick, whether you make a pact or not. There are plenty of people who have made pacts and failed to get their outcome. You seem to be expecting a miracle, and that mindset will just set you up for disappointment.

My advice is, before doing a pact, get a consultation done first with someone who knows what they are doing, and can give you proper information on the pitfalls, and maybe also give you a tarot reading on the possible outcome. That way you will have a better idea of what could go wrong, and the chances of the pact being successful.


Thank you for the tip but would learning to do money spells and have results with it be a too high expectation from a pact?

How are you going to learn to do money spells if you cannot communicate with the spirit in question? Being able to hear the lesson is kind of necessary in learning and you have already stated that you can’t communicate.

Pro tip: You do not need to make a pact with a spirit to learn how to do money magick. There are many, many different methods of doing so that range from easy (basic candle spell) to harder (full evocation of a spirit of wealth) that you can try all on your own. Look into the books “Financial Magick” by Jason Miller, and “Money Magick” by Frater UD, both of which would probably be cheaper than paying someone to do a pact on your behalf.

The mighty @Eye_of_Ra posted a fabulous candle spell to the forum just recently that you might want to give a shot: