Pact with the Jinn

I’m currently working on preparing a ritual for 13 days to make life lasting pact with jinn as my servant till I die.
Any tip or anything I should look out for as beginner?


Sure. Djinn dont like slavery. Good luck.


^^ agree

Djinn already bound may cooperate to be freed from oppressive owners. I had one seek me out. I spent $2000 to procure a vessel to his liking and all that to get him to me. I didnt want a servant. He came to me asking me to do this for him. He is safe and undisturbed now.


Had he not asked, I would not think of ever binding a being to myself.



I’m not going to treat him like slave, I want bullied respectful relationship with it as he does what command it to do.

Sure sounds like it. But a pact is a contract. You have your end and he has his end. Beside of the point that a Djinn could easily misinterpreted a command so the magician has a big problem, I would threat him like equal and with respect. If threated with respect it could bring you much more then trying commanding a being at your will.


80% of the books that i have read said the the jinn can be mischievous and in order for them to recpact you you’ll need to command it
What you think? @Borgy

Nobody ever listens…

No more free advice for you. You are determined to do what you want regardless. Im not sure why you even asked. Perhaps you only want advice you want to hear.


Maybe if you explained your reasonings better instead of telling me how to do my magick I would’ve listened.

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Which books did you read? We are in modern times now. The time of controlling these beings (like Solomon) is not that common anymore, iif you want a healthy working relationship.


Some books are modern and some ancient.
i read arabian text books on jinn.

I personally work with Shemi Angels/Djinn. There is not much info about the spirits. But in the book (NAP) and in my workings I always threated them with a lot of respect. And I got a lot back :slight_smile:


Thank you.

That’s what I’m planning to to I’ve prepared some offerings .
Some of the offerings that were included was animal sacrifice (preferably sheep)
What else can I offer him?

What motivated you to work with a Djinn, let alone enslaving one?

Coincidentally I started working with a Djinn today, and that’s only after he’s come and reached out to me. Already, he’s tried to kill me once (with a car going through red light almost hitting my car on the driver’s side). Luckily I’m powerful and protected.

They don’t like slavery. Work with them as respectful equals and have protection first being working with them. You must also be sure of your own power and never show fear or weakness; otherwise, they’ll take advantage of it.


Firstly I don’t know which spirit you are asking something.
The spirits I work with accept water with their Sigil, a big thank you and recognition. Fruit, wine.

If you know for yourself that he loves meat, than offer him meat. Animal sacrifice is not that common, but then again I don’t know the spriti/book.

Just a view tips:

  1. what’s the spirits/djinns name.
  2. search this name, in combination with djinn on youtube/google (fora) etc… to get all the info and modern info too. Spirits evolve with the years and are better understand.
  3. If you got a name ask here if people have experience with him.
  4. look here at the subject Djinn to for tips

Then I will not call him a servant, I’ll treat him like equal friend while being careful
Btw my form of protaction is just the thought that I’m powerful and nothing can do harm to me
Is “thought” enough to protect me?

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Oh my, you just don’t see it. If I call Lucifer a servant. My clothes will fly in the room in my face.
Just and example. But good idea :slight_smile: