Pact with Lucifer, need help

Hi there!

I have a few questions about how to make a pact with master Lucifer, but first of all, i apologize for my bad engllish. The reason why i want to do it is not only about personal gain, i’m starting my new life, and i want Lucifer to be part of it.
I already know what i want and what i would do for it. I’ve been studying Lucifer and reading this forum for several months, but i still feel like i haven’t learned enough about Lucifer or the pact.
I want to be respectful if i’m going to work with him, so i would appreciate any help you can give me since im a beginner at this.
What should i do before even trying to contact him?
Any kind of meditation or ritual to practice?
I have taken notes of many books that some users of this forum recommend about demons and evocation, but i always can add anything that you consider good.
And when the time comes, is it neccesary to say some specific words or give Lucifer a present/gift?

Thank you! any help will be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


As you said, speak to him with respect and kindness. And also be serious about it.

Well, in order to summon him you can use any way you want (sigil, enn, etc.). You can find his sigil easily on Google images and his enn in the forum.

As for offerings: wine, roses, poems perhaps, etc. But you can always ask him what he would like.

Do your best and good luck!