Pact with Lucifer maybe

maybe I concluded with a Lucifer, I definitely want things in life that I also said and that the demon wants
sex with me and I also dreamed a dream as if I was hiding from it and in that dream I tried to pray
archangel michael, but I forgot the text, and then the Lucifer marked me on my forehead, I also got a number from the Lucifer who repeated me, as well as if I saw his work when people called him and I was there with him
and I’ve heard that other people have signed up somewhere in the world
and if he came back to me then and I didn’t know how it happened, I had sex with him.
And the next day I dreamed of an abyss and lava and that there was a man in the lava, and I also heard him talking to someone.
“pull it out”
then I saw an entity there that looked scary, but they didn’t hurt me in any way.
and finally I had a little argument with my mom on saturday, then she went to the store and my brother just knocked on my door that my mother met when she left the store, she sprained her ankle and when she tripped to stand up and step on. her leg broke, her bone on her left leg broke
she eventually went to the hospital and had to undergo surgery and now has no screws.
And also when my brother pounded on my shoulder with a joke, even though it hurt a little
when he went to pick something, he banged his hand on the table and it happened in 2 minutes
and I feel guilty about that broken leg :pensive:
and now my question
is it normal for a demon to show you its work?
and what is the sign on the forehead?
does that mean I’ll end up in hell after death?
I’m a little worried :no_mouth:
sorry me english is no good

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That’s a big assumption to make.

Likely it’s just symbolic of that’s demon/spirits special attention or favor in some way.

It could also be indicative of some kind of protection, patronage, or imbuement/endowment of some spiritual kind.

I’ve had similar occurrences with various spirits myself now.

Last time I contacted Marbas for some serious pain I mentally saw him lick my hand, and the seem to write something on my forehead before calmly sitting back down and giving me the ok.

When I was doing the LBRP really frequent and regularly I started to see hands writing I to my palms as I would stretch them out for the “before me, AA ____, etc” (still not sure what to make of that)

Hell is cool , don t worry about it :scream_cat::scream_cat:

This would make sense since you mentioned something about a pact

Bad things happen before magick, bad things happen after magick, shit happens and I wouldn’t worry about it.

If you don’t want to be involved with Lucifer, then don’t. Lucifer has always been very willing to come when called and hear my requests, but has never forced his presence onto me. He has certainly advocated for his value, but if I wanted to do other magick, that was never a problem.

I will say, though, that I have known people who worked against me back in the day to come into some rather undesirable circumstances, like failing out of school after devolving into alcoholism and avoidance and subsequently being doomed (due to her own ongoing decisions) to poverty and mediocrity. That was certainly pleasing to me, as the person in my mind at this moment was certainly a shit-fuck fuck-face who caused me much trouble, but this has never happened to anyone I wouldn’t want that to happen to. People make their own terrible decisions all on their own, all the time, and people trip and fall all the time. In all likelihood, it was probably just the natural consequences of being raised under a lousy excuse of an enforcer (you suck the money out of people arbitrarily to feed the municipality, you must be proud) and a religious fanatic.

I’ve never seen the demons act against my friends, but they have certainly had my back.

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it’s true ,it can only be a coincidence

what’s on it cool ?

and that sign will stay there for as long ?

I wouldn’t know.

You’d need to ask the spirit.

Trust your intuition. If it feels like a semi permanent or permanent mark then it probably is