Pact with Lord Lucifer

Hello all

Essentially, I’d like to work on a spiritual level with Lucifer to adjust my mindset to a better place and awakening. Is there any precautions or steps before I go from simply chanting and praying to a full invocation and pact?


mastering evocation may help you on that/evoking eternity/search button :innocent:


Summon him using his sigil and enn, that’s enough to get you started.

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I mean is there any typical dangers or pros and cons to invoking Lucifer.

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Read about pacts in general, about experiences with him imo. If you’ve never worked with him I think it’ll be good to talk to him first, get to know him a little before you enter a pact. As for dangers of invoking, I don’t really have anything to say about it. I’ve only invoked 2 spirits without falling asleep, whenever I tried to invoke Lucifer his energy knocked me out and I slept like a pig. So, evoke him first, adjust to his energy. Read up on pacts, think it through and thoroughly, ask him about it and from there on it’s between you and him imo.


I have invoked him before. I’ve chanted his enn and sigil. Done some TOAF initiatory work. I know how he can jolt you with electric fire…

But I just wanted unverified accounts

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Maybe you should begin by evoking Lucifer more regularly before getting into a pact. If you ask, he’ll tell you what getting into a pact will be like and what you can expect to get and give.

My concern is that it seems like you’re skipping over evocation here. “Chanting and praying” is not two-way communication. It’s chanting and praying. Invocation is different from evocation in that lots of people essentially use it as another word for possession.

Make sure you can make contact and understand Lucifer before you’re trying to make pacts. Those are a bit more serious.


I’m inexperienced with evocation. I have read Tarot about what to look for if I do decide to make a simple pact for retraining my mind towards being dominant / confident… will consider your advice

Unverified account means?
How long have you worked with Lucifer?

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I mean that I wanted the advice of others who have unverified gnosis

I have chanted and invoked Lucifer in my life previously without a clearer understanding of exactly why other than knowing I resonate with what he and who he is. Now my mind has clicked in understanding the initiatory path for myself and I feel ready for what he can empower me to do.

I’m moving away in a month and won’t have as much time and space to perform rituals and magick for a while. I was considering invoking Lucifer and making a simple agreement for a simple task - helping me achieve a transformation in my mindset into total self confidence and Alpha male disciplined attitude

It wouldn’t entail much on his part but require my devotion and daily practice of becoming an evolved human being that’s transcended the false self - and there are aspects of my life related to love and sexuality that have to make an update also.

Lucifer is the Lord of sexual liberation, personal liberty and power and evolution - and I believe I need his help


Seems like you’re clear on what you want and what you’ll be able to give :thinking:
Talk to him, figure it out with him. Good luck :muscle:


Are you sure Lucifer, of all the beings at your disposal, is who you’re looking for?

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Any suggestions is welcome by all means, it’s why I made this post

lmao “slept like a pig” i like that

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no better way to describe it lol



Lucifer has put me through some tests.

These tests revealed to me my nature, which is not as traditional as I vocalized in my pact request.

Nevertheless, the life lessons have been priceless so I’ve began to practice “Rites of Lucifer” to connect with his gnosis even further.

I won’t go into the details, but it revealed to me my actual “occult” goals in this lifetime, my actual character traits and potentialities.

Lucifer is very black. He shows the negative.

Without the ability to see signs, omens, divination, meditation, I would have been unable to revert the negative energy into positive.

I really do not suggest anyone make a pact like this without honest soul searching.