Pact with Lord Lucifer

Hey, it’s me again ; IAM here asking about how to make a simple pact with Lucifer, a pact include Money, Power, Protection…
What is the correct steps to do that?

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Lucifer is the Emperor of the Infernal Empire
If anyone says he or she did a pact with Lucifer for fame or money or whatever than it’s some kind of a wild story



What you mean pleas?

I did not say that I made an pacty with him for money and fame…
I am asking how to do it!

Use one of the million and one templates available on google and write it up


are you kidding me? I am talking about things related to magic and Lucifer, and you say search on Google

How will I search in Google? What will I write? Hhh

There is no correct way to create a pact, just the way that you and the entity agree too.

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So how to make a pact with Lord Lucifer? pleas…


Didnt you read him?

Petition is easiest tho

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you’re both missing my point. Stop overthinking. There are no definite steps, just do it. There is no “one way” just “your way”. Just believe it, know it, and trust yourself and lucifer and it is so.

Best post here imo

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You litterally said the easiest thing in the world dude (which I agree with) , litterally anyone would understand it.OP is a bit lazy, sadly.Thats why I said what I said.

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mb misunderstood who that was addressed to.

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Well, if thats the case, my bad :pray:

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Don’t you want him to cook for you and clean your house every day, since you’re at it?

You have to stop thinking real magick works the same as magick in the movies. It doesn’t.

Spirits can protect you, can help you to achieve your goals and can help you to get rid of anything you don’t want in your life, but you’re not going to get into Fortune 500 overnight, you’re not going to rule a country and if someone punches you, you’ll bleed all the same.

I’ll sugest you to research for something more grounded, to think how spirits could help you to achieve your goals and then come back with more specific questions.


So many good books on Luciferian magick and doctrine out there. Which one have you read?
(to the OP)

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Here is one approach - write a letter of intent.

Tell Lucifer all that you want, and if possible, why. Don’t just say, “I want some cash money baby,” write something like, “I want some more money so that I can spend it on this this and that, and also some extra to set aside for a rainy day.” You could also simply request a growth in your income, but it helps to specify how you will use and enjoy the money that’s coming to you.

For protection, tell Lucifer anything that causes you fear, anything that you are afraid of, and specify what and who you want to be protected.

Take your time with this, and do not feel the need to hold back or restrain yourself. If you provide Lucifer with the honesty of your desires, he will share in your desires and work with you to make them manifest.

After you complete your letter, summon Lucifer every day for 13 days, starting this Saturday, and read your letter to him. As you read, notice how you feel about your current situation. Feel the lack, the pain, the fear, everything that troubles you, and know that Lucifer hears you and knows your need. When you finish reading, know that you have brought your desires to this exalted Demon King, and that he will do everything in his power to bring you satisfaction. You may relish in this power.


I haven’t read any book yet it’s because I don’t work in any job right now and also I don’t have my own money so this is why I want make a pact with Lucifer

I already know that the ruler and the king Lucifer has a powerful energy and he’s very fast in manifestation but I don’t know how

How to address him??