Pact with Azazel

I have had enough of it, too much of my life has been wasted. I have a terrible ADD, some addictions, not much financial freedom, not doing well in relationships too, etc.

Of course, I could try to go for my goals seperately later but until I lack that inner self discipline/ control I won’t gain much.

I need to get out of my rut and Azazel is the only thing that comes to my mind now.

Oh, and I don’t have much occult experience, except some ‘armchair reading’ that I have done before. And here I am, dreaming of exalting my throne above the stars of God.

I haven’t read EA’s Book of Azazel, except the first 5 pages & some lines in between but even then I can intutively connect with Azael in away I feel EA himself does (and most BALG members/LHP occultists)

Azael to me is about self mastery and he makes a tough task master. That is the way I have always ‘intutively’ felt about Azael. And/or it was also inspired by ‘Liber Azazel’, of which I have quoted some words below.
I had sensed before that a day would come when I would be doing this.

Here’s my plan-

  1. Read The Book of Azazel systematically
  2. Get some support here if need be.

That’s it. Any suggestions? Thanks for the support.

  1. Azazel! The boundless flame of Lilith.
  2. My word is to be feared and respected for it consumes all and
    purifies all; I am the unconquered master of this earth.
  3. No god who meets my gaze can withstand my truth or my power,
    they all bow to my will whether they know it or not.
  4. All that is noble in man declares the glory of my presence - I am
    will; I am power itself.
  5. All that is weak and self-defeating, all that is humiliating and
    enslaving - these are the gifts of other gods. I have no share in them,
    they are not of my essence.
  6. Open yourself to me and receive my gifts, for I give to all who
    earnestly desire. Learn from me! Gain from me! Accept me and be
    one with me, allow my flame to enter your temple and light all its
  7. Of the many who know of me, most are eaten up with fear of me,
    but no matter, they are weak and despised in my sight. Only the few
    whom I choose to truly understand my nature will come to me, for
    such is the way of things. My path is for the few, not the many.
  8. My chosen servants are enough, they serve me better than the
    mindless flocks of other gods, who accept all uncritically. They enjoy
    pointless servitude and feed off of the minds of their slaves, I find no
    fulfilment in slavery. My power is primal and needs no amplification,
    I have existed and will continue to exist whether held in regard by
    men or not. I am Azazel. I am the Lord of the wills of men, not the
    servant of them.
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Congratulations! I look forward to reading about your experiences with Azazel. I say if you are feeling a pull towards him dive right in! Demonic Kings certainly have a way to kick you in gear.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot, Orismen. I don’t mean to be defensive, but I am not lazy, I just have my whole set of problems, i am cognitively impaired, feel tired, set goals & then ‘forget’ those goals for days etc.

But then I am responsible for my life after all, and clearly whatever I have been doing hasn’t materialized so I do need to change my approach. Although as i am growing, I am also becoming wiser.

I have made a small change in my approach. Since I will take a lot of time to comprehend things & to arrange/put them to proper work/order, instead of reading the BOA I may just simply meditate on the sigil of Azazel or do something relatively simple.

Doing a search on these forums for Azael & seeing what others have used etc will also help me.

IMHO It sounds like you need a healing. Marbas, Buer, and other entities can help

What you might want to consider, to look at it from a hardcore perspective, is why did you as a focal point of the All, aka a living godform of the Source, choose to manifest these things, these weaknesses/shields (from whatever - uncertainty, rejection, fear? - for example) in your life?

I’m not saying that like it’s something where you should post the answers here on the internet, but if you’re no longer viewing yourself as a hapless pawn being bumped about in a world of powerful masters, and are instead ready to claim your right to ascension, then addiction, impairment and so on are things You are creating, from conscious or subconscious needs, in order to maintain the safe status quo and to block yourself from the scarier heights you could reach in this lifetime.

Addiction can be viewed as a “disease” from which you spend the rest of your life either in slavery to the substance/activity, or continually forcing it away through the various “recovery” methods - or, if you embrace the concept of your Self at the heart of the Cosmos, as the one unblinking eye of Observation/Operation, it can be seen as a tool you used until you felt ready to confront your core obstacle to power, and in so doing start really playing and having fun in this reality you’re co-creating.

Sorry if that’s a bit abstract but as part of my personal interpretation of the LHP, I’ve ditched any notion of “healing” (no offence meant there to your post, Student of Goetia!) in favour of believing that we attract even the most excrutiatingly destructive and lethal things into our lives, to show us where we’re weakened, playing the victim, or unwilling to embrace our rightful mastery over the All (which is of course also us).

Two qualifying points - yes, I’ve lost people I loved inc. a child family member to physical illness, yet I still embrace this idea, and 2. yes I do have a couple of physical things wrong with me right now, still - so, I’m not positing this as “woo, I saw through my hang-ups and suddenly I was perfected!” or anything as Hollywood-style dramatic.

Oh, and 3., I now know that I was wrong about stuff I thought and believed in just a few years ago, so… but, something about the honesty of your post spoke to me, so hence sharing this from my own realisations - if it doesn’t make sense, choose what empowers you the most, because that’s what matters the most to your Ascent.

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So, I took my mantra counter & chanted Azazel 3400 times. In between, my attention was wandering as usual, sometimes thinking about this thread & sometimes thinking what I’ll do tommorow but I just tried to kept my attention on the words which i was uttering.

Later, my head felt very heavy & I went straight to sleep. Unfortunately, I didn’t dream of anything or I don’t recall it. My head was even heavy after I wake up, I get ‘brain fogs’ almost daily but this was really different and intense, but still no contact etc.

Instead of trying another method, I will persist & stick to this same method, till I reach at least 10,000 or maybe even 1,00,000.

I had tried EA’s exercise of staring into the inverted pentagram, I did it for 13 days straight & for about 15-20 minutes each session, and yet there was no contact or I didn’t feel any presence. I did feel lines running across the the shape of the pentagram at times and the red getting brighter but that’s it, and it wasn’t even something substantial.

It seems as if the gods have abandoned me, the angels have forsaken me & the devils have disowned me. :slight_smile: Perhaps my singular challenge is to reach the theta-gamma synch.
But I will keep pressing on

Ths time, I didn’t make a sigil of Azazel. I thought i i’ll just try ‘sound’ first and see how it works, later I can replace the sound by image i.e the sigil or maybe even use them together? But at this moment I am trying to focus on one ‘sense’ at a time.

When I first started evocation, it seemed like no one ever showed up, but I always continued feeling presences that were barely noticeable, while creating major shifts in my life at times. One day I asked for a physical manifestation of the entity I had called into my temple, and cold air swirled around me. Every time I asked for this manifestation with all my intent and willpower, this occurred and continued cooling my room, which I thought was my air conditioning I heard turn on. That was until the ritual was finished, the entity dismissed, and I went to close my vent only to find it had been blocked and I had been sitting in a 100+ degree room with no A/C the entire time, yet this room had become bone chillingly cold thanks to my “manifestations”.

It may seem like conducting a church service without an audience, but unlike church there is someone here outside of your senses listening for your prayer, and they actually will help you if you ask them properly, even if you don’t see them. If you want to see them you can, however I’d advise different ritual practices for this.

You can start doing magick to increase your spiritual ability (senses) so you can properly sense spirits around you, but you will notice other things as well. This starts an alchemical transformation of the soul that can deeply affect your life and loved ones if not done carefully. And you’ll be aware of any other spirits that have been hanging around or visiting as time goes on.

Thanks to E.A. and personal consults, I make this tidbit available to you

Every time you are about to make a major breakthrough in your ascent, 3 things tend to happen. They all happen at nearly the same time, and are relatively easy to fix. Sometimes this can take several (in my personal experience), so don’t be dissapointed if it happens slowly, this will probably make the mundane shifts less volatile anyway.

  1. Something with your car (usually something that’s a cheap or easy fix)
  2. Something with your job or career (usually something that corrects itself, unless you change professions entirely which doesn’t happen often).
  3. Sickness will manifest itself in you, even if you aren’t a person who normally gets sick, and it will quickly leave (usually)

So when you see these things don’t necessarily panic, but if you can’t take what it is doing to your personal life or mental health then you need to stop and calm down. Some of these things can bring about insanity, and if you want to see clearly, well that’s an entire sense that you’ve never been aware of having, and it will be shocking and dare I even say traumatic the kind of reaction that you can have mentally after receiving spiritual visions initially. In time this gets easier.

It’s not necessarily that Azazel didn’t come, The Black Satyr is probably coming in and checking on you regularly and you are not yet aware of his presence until you start doing these workings. Perhaps as you become aware of the spirits, you will see his other forms.

After my first working with Memphistal, I became keenly aware of the world around me spiritually/physically even with my eyes closed when I woke up the next day. And upon waking from the first ritual I had done with her, I saw Azazel manifest and take form in my house, he then went around inspecting all the talismanic grimores, sigils, and squares I have open, and then he came upon me, however I felt him looking at a powerful magickal gateway I opened and placed beneath my body and meditated upon it until I became too exhausted to stay awake.

They will come, they always do when they are called. The gods haven’t abandoned you, you just need to learn how to harness their powers.

Up your skills with divination through ritual and or practice for a while, then try to evoke again, and when you can do that and commune with the entity in a reliable and effective matter, then you are in a position to make a pact with an entity.

I’m giving you advice how to do this with ritual, however you may find that it’s just much easier to buy the mastering evocation course and start there. Once you do that, you put yourself in a position to make a “pact” and do this.

However, you might not find you need any pact at all, merely being able to properly evoke should lead you to goals you seek.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

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Good luck- to follow on what Lady Eva and Frater Apotheosis wrote in comments above,
I’ll reference what I’ve heard in ChiGung training… (indirectly relates), where people work for quite some time, thinking either they don’t feel any “qi/chi” or thinking they do feel “something”…

and then one day (quite a while after they may think they reached something, although the previous was laying the foundation-work)… one day they feel- 'Ah, that is qi/chi… I felt that all along, but I was looking for something else…" <a key being most, not all, but most come to realize they were thinking this “new aspect” was going to be something that was part of the known… whether Chi-energy, thinking it is a nerve sensation, a feeling of heat, as if it is light- whatever… and then come to realize all those are Sensations known, and when the Expansion comes it is a new “sensation-aspect” (something previously unexperienced? or that had been there all along, ‘closer than air, nearer than your next breath…’ etc) not only an AHA, but a new org-str was developed over time… Sensing an Entity could be (may not, but could be) experienced in that way- Either: it will eventually be experienced “indirectly” via a symbol (part of your sensory that represents them… actually seen/felt/heard as like a person/object-physical etc.), or Directly not via a symbol (direct Contact with their field of Con, ie how they are Expressing-translated to this place… not the same as how they are in “their place”)
relevance thus, we want to extrapolate “new sensations” from an Expanded Awareness into something we Exper/know or imagine based upon the ‘un-expanded’ awareness… but if so, it isn’t really an expansion (and once there, easy to look back and rewrite- as if we could have fore-seen what it was like or “how did I not see what it would be like?” etc… but like suddenly click you have the ability to sense radiowave focal pts (for ex)… we can imagine what that would be like as if they were “felt” or “seen as distortions” or but in the same way as being always-blind and then becoming sighted… (one likely had a sense of space-distance location… but could one foresee the new-reality? I don’t know, not having gone through that… in that metaphor, but in what the metaphor is referencing- the addition of sensory-referenced in this thread- that I have, and this long mesh-web may or may not help, but thought I’d try and spin something that might portray my sense of it.

Either way, I’d contrast (ea distinct Entity) ‘their’ Nature in their native-locale, vs translation contacting them Here… from “evoking them”…
evoking could be more like having to translate them further into a ‘plugin’ (this just came to me as an expression-simile so not fully developed) but sort of how one can sense a place via skrying (or soul-travel, or a sense of both-simul which is perceive where your body is at not via your eyes and such, in addition to via your eyes and such, and a distant place, stretches the mind a bit, but like using each hand at once… (the R hand revealed and shown, which distracts from the L hand- both hands Cooperating?) anyway- sensing (say using the Skyring via fire, or seeing-in-the-air, a distant place, or have your perception shift through to that place… but there isn’t a feeling of plugin Contact there, to influence in that place (like a glove sitting on the counter, or a hand waving near the counter, but if you can only Influence/act ‘be present There’ via the glove- put your hand the glove… then act with the glove one…) Eventually you want to take the glove off (imagine the glove restricts and not only “covers” your hand, but makes it present&tangible elsewhere… like ugh a hologram sort of pokes into ‘stuff’ and stuff reaches/soaks into a hologram… (so beyond Contact <Entity-Force/aspect> with your Con, and beyond Contacting with your “personae” (more normal than direct Con)… Contact that Other with thus giving them Contact-intermeshing into your stream of circumstances… thus they are plugged into your life sit… once they unplug from that fabric they become free and disconnected again.

that last can seem to imply they <Entitys or Forces/aspects> couldn’t ‘plug-in’ by their own volition (not so), and it could seem to imply that -all of them- is infused (like how all of a hand is in the glove, but not all the person- just the hand of the body… but not the Mind…) -as these Contacts are Usually (to use EA’s words not even Energy-forms but pure Consciousness (so in the sense that there is no “partial amount of infinity” a finite amount from infinite is connected to that Infinity… but doesn’t lessen the Infinite-such… and Con being Differently related to Time (not standing in a “different time” per the first part of post about a diff context), and not being in a Place (not a far away place, and not everywhere- able to Concentrate into a pt-place, but when not concentrated how say where from?)… so not just a Form to allow Communication/relation… but a Form to further intermingle so they are more (and more- depending) Concretely-present… enables (?) a different interrelation (like being in a dream that is fuzzy, vs a very vivid dream/imagining, vs those Big that seem more immenant than waking- and lastly say a passing thought/concept goes through your mind, and say all 4 of those are experience of a certain “Place/time/sit” and, as an ex of above, those 4 rep being more Concretely-str/formed… but perhaps in any of those 4 states “someone” at-that-place could communicate with you… .so not an issue of whether could contact the Mind… but how- and thus who present= how sense that presence?

stretched a bit, so hope something in that might give something- luck

Was this done in the context of a ritual, or in an informal context?

Was this done in the context of a ritual, or in an informal context?[/quote]

Depends what you call it, my intention was to summon an entity that can help me achieve my goals in an efficient manner and to sense it’s presence.

Also, what really is formal or informal? In his book BALG, EA states that to summon an entity, all you need is a circle, a candle and some coals.

So what if I discard the coals and feel that the candle, incense & circle are enough. Or if I discard the candle and feel the incese & circle is enough? Or if i just discard the circle & feel that the incense is enough?

Or i just simply focus on the entity instead?

This isn’t to put you down. Its just that lately I have realized in how many ways we censor ourselves unnecessarily. I have become this person who is overly methodical & goes too much by the book. That is why I really liked when in the ME course, EA drew the sigil of shashtan with his hands, without using scale and on a paper which had borders, which didn’t have neat scaled edges.

Not long back, when I would think of making a sigil, I would get anxious thinking how big should the paper be, what material, which ink should be used? etc

Slowly, I am trying to release myself & stop being obsessive about details which might not be relevant. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the devil is in the details but sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

Now, I am caring less and less whether I have the circle or the ‘right’ sigil, what matters is that I have an intent which is powerful.

Wow ![/quote]

Thank you, The EYe and the others who liked. But it isn’t really such a big deal, it just one word. It took me about 40 mins.

Wow ![/quote]

Yea but if I spoke one word for 40 mins it would go from Azazel to bazelezleazel lol. It would be a jumbled fucking mess so much props to you.

Thank you, The EYe and the others who liked. But it isn’t really such a big deal, it just one word. It took me about 40 mins.[/quote]

It’s a bit embarassing to post after so long but to cut a long story in short, I continued with my rituals, tried them about 8 times but no result.

Each time, I try a ritual, a part of me already knows that the ritual will not work before I even start a ritual, indicating a negative self fulfilling prophecy. And then many times, I lose interest in my goals completely. And then there are times when i feel I am not worthy of the things I want.

After some introspection, I have diverted a bit to some healing techniques like EFT etc, I have not given up but I realize that there is some clutter I need to get rid of. Of course, aggresively pursuing my goals could be one of the ways to get out of the self fulfilling prophecy, but somehow it doesn’t work, no matter how many times i write Nietzschean quotes on paper, I still end up going back to my rut. There is some negative nergy/patter that I need to liberate myself from.

m0st problems you speak about are , mineral related not having a good diet, try eating only fresh vegetables organic if you can afford them tomatoes apples bananas,
good clean fresh water if you can find some , distilled water is ok with wild or black rice to soak 1/4 cup set in the sun to darken enrich vitalize
, place it a few days before new moon. walk barefoot is the grass, walk in a lake or stream, enjoy the sun, go out on windy days , try to absorb the earths natural energy, build a fire , play in the moon light, most of all adjust your diet eat organic meat vegetable fruit, fast a few days to strengthen your will power, take colder showers .

look at yourself see a beautiful smart healthy person , now love your self , respect yourself , feed your self good foods, friends at work and play choose them wisely uplifting only , find local meet-up groups get active change your life style , what I’m trying to get at is build yourself in the great person you are, not what you wish.

The ritual is working you just don’t have the ability to sense it yet. Read up on robert bruce’s new energy ways(this will add a whole new level of depth to your workings. Also if you can find it pick up ardeth and try the first few exercises for switching emotional states at will.

I have done chanting to connect with various spirits, and have had good results using the following method.

  1. Do the chant, mantra, enn, name, etc. Repeating over and over.
  2. Hold clearly in your mind the reason why you need them to come to you, knowing that they can hear you and that you are open to them appearing to you in a way you can sense.
  3. Continually build up strongly within yourself the feelings caused by the problems you have, the frustration, and intense need for assistance. Let this feeling continue to build, and channel it to them, knowing they can sense it, and they will come to you. If you become angry or frustrated, or even anguished to the point of tears and your body shakes, that is fine. Just keep sending it to them. The benefit of this is that it will help you focus your mind completely upon the operation of making connection with them.
  4. Keep doing it everyday, until they appear to you. When they do, your emotions and frustration will disappear or transform dramatically. They will either handle the situation by changing your world for you, or give you the information you need to do it yourself, depending upon their nature.

The main problem is this utter disconnection I face between…well me & myself, and by extension, my goals. I have bipolar and depersonalization to the extremes. I feel like I am a passive observer of myself, like i am just watching a movie character. Then there are other times where I feel very manic and desire to be Nietzsche’s ubermensch. It’s like either I have no goals or I am extremely ambitious or methodical.

I believe this is what I need to resolve first handedly.