Pact with Azazel questions

I am still under a pact with Belial, but it will be concluded soon- unless true to his form it gets extended again };)> !!

But i am considering beginning to work and eventually go under a pact with Azazel.

I feel abit presumptuous. Belial Came to me first, I did not actually seek him out, and still see years and years of labour with him and his company.

But i am needing to really start my new life over and especially go hellz great guns on creating an income and exiting the financial slavery and drowning i have been under for 30+ years. After all, that is clearly the reason Belial outright Disobeyed me and placed me in this new location. (for which I am fanatically greatful!!!) Azazel seems to be one who is well suited and geared to financial issues, but other than me seeking him out, which i am happy to do; I really like it when they make the first overtures. And I do plan on trying to create a situation and enviroment and attitude which i would hope he would appreciate coming and working with me without me hounding him like a begging dog. My overall goal is to have pact and permanent associations with all of the Crossroads Beings as a foundation to proceed.

So anyone with Azazel experiance who wants to give me some good guidence to begin a healthy relationship with him?