Pact with Angel?

Hello guys, i just cant find it our here…
I made pact with Belial used my blood pentagram circle, sigil but how to do pact with Angel? How it need to look like?
Anyone made pact with any not fallen Angel?

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Try evoke one and ask.


No thanks, I’ll pass, OP

May i ask why?

Mostly I’m loyal, but I don’t like how they feel.

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Ah ok, i can get behind that

Non of any Angel’s ever asked me to do a pact with them.
Infact, i, the Sorcerer, enforce a pact. :wink:

To me, they where just there, when called upon.
But they also come around without calling.

Just becoming aware which energy coresponds to which angel, helps understanding who’s around.




Have you tried using the forum’s search function? There are already at least three threads that answer this question.

This is pretty much what you would do. Angels will work with anyone and pacts are not traditionally used, nor is blood necessary. Simply evoke the angel you want to work with, and ask to enter an agreement with it, and come to terms. Most angels are willing to work with you without asking for anything in return, though I’m sure some heartfelt gratitude is appreciated.

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Okay one of saints i evocated said to do not use blood or hurt myself but to get high quallity pergamin, paint sigil of angel with white or black ink and write myself name with saliva then take 2 white candles with sigils on it and bowl with Olive oil evocate angel then talk with him about what would you like if he accepts drop some wax from candle on pergamin and just take A little olive oil at finger and make cross or sign that is closer to you if everything is done roll the pact and dont show anyone else if you will try to evocate angel just take out pact say name and he will be in few seconds
If you will make that pact prepare that angel can come to you even when you dont evocate them
They are good but some of them dont want to be as slave or watcher
If you will be angry and will try to hurt them =prepare for battle
They got powerfull healing energies and at first pact you can get a feeling of heat on head.


Hey I would really like to try this but I want to ask what angel specifically you evoked and if the method given to you is a general method for all other angels ??

Welcome @Braydon_Adams. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

I don’t know if it could be called a pact but I needed the total truth about a specific person and situation and Archangel Amitiel asked me first to promise that I’d not judge this person, I promised and he revealed the whole truth. I am not happy at all with this revelation but promise is promise and I will not judge him…

May you elaborate on this? I feel this could be usefull for a lot of people (myself included).

I wrote a letter to Archangel Amitiel with my questions regarding a specific person. I wanted to know the truth. Folded the letter several times, put a burning charcoa above it, and several grains of frankincense over the charcoa. The incense and the letter burned down. Then I bought a tiger eye stone since Archangel Amitiel tells the truth when the questioner grounds himself with this stone. Well I didn’t even grounded myself, I was still cleaning the stone and charging it with the frankincense when I heard the Archangel’s voice in my mind asking me not to judge the person when I understand the truth what he had done behind my back and what were his real motives to play a friend of mine. Then I took the stone and just hold it to my arms and without going in any state of meditation layed down and started to hear very clearly the answers in my mind. I put some other questions which were answered immediately and I was warned what exactly to expect from this person in a very near future and how to treat him without judging.

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Thank you very much, @Lil. I may try this ritual, but the elements may be hard to find (I do not recognize the words, but I will look up for references). I really need something like this. I’m afraid someone told me the truth (yes, I want to be lied to, it’s for the best)

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Sorry, english is not my mother tongue.

The charcoal is this

And the frankincense are those grains of incense that are burned in churches

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Tiger eye you could buy in gemstone stores or order online for several bucks

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Thanks a lot. Actually, English is not my first language, either, that’s what I still do not recognize certain words.

You could do it in your own way as well. The essential are the letter and the stone. Write the letter in the most sincere way and do with it whatever you feel you must do. Just don’t throw it away till you hear your answers. And ground yourself with the stone the way you feel deep inside yourself. And if you are afraid that the truth would hurt you ask Archangel Amitiel to help you to accept it smoothly. Good luck!

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Thanks! I will try.