Pact with a demon

A few question about a pact with a demon>
How long must be? A month or more, also is it depends of what you ask?If it is a heavy staff needs a longer period?
do you need to invoke the demon every evening during the pact? Also do you have to read /say what do you ask?Or just meditate over the sigil and make the offerings?
any advice will be very helpful
Thank you

[quote=“cristinica, post:1, topic:6122”]A few question about a pact with a demon>
How long must be?[/quote]

As long as YOU feel okay with!

There’s no list of rules demons set we have to obey, so if you work with a demon (I personally advise getting to know ANY spirit before getting into a pact with them, or at least doing divination) then decide after you’ve had some experience of having them in your life, how long you’d like to go for.

It’s easy to lengthen a pact - less good to try and cut one short.

Heavy changes and big results may need a longer pact, but make sure the spirit has genuinely delivered smaller results (and not wanked about with excuses, saying “It was a test” or “I was waiting for you to discover your own power” and so on) before you get into anything serious.

What you’ll need to do depends upon the pact. And don’t get into any pacts unless you can reliably communicate in some way with spirits, again proven through results.