Pact Question

I have a question regarding entering into a pact. I’m new to the world of working with spirits…etc through my research I want to enter into a pact with a spirit… so I was looking into hiring someone to do it for me.

After doing the research I began to wonder is it possible to hire someone to do this for Me? The reason for my question… is because the process looks like it a personal intimate experience.
So would some of the more experienced magicians… if you could please answer thus question for Me? Is it possible for someone to do this for me.

I have been chatting with a person that said they could… not on this fourm… I just want to make sure that they are being straight with me.

Thank you for your help.

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The short answer is, yes. EA has offered such a service before. Recently he offered a pact with Belial to those who purchased the Anthology of Sorcery 3. So it is possible, but It is up to you if you think the person you are chatting with is capable of doing so for you.

Thank you… I think the person is capable, I just wasn’t sure… because of what I have seen, or researched it just seemed to be a personal intimate experience… how would I know if the terms of the pact are accepted or rejected… other than the person telling me?

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@Neo1211999 With the EA ritual Belial would come to you once the ritual was completed. With the form of pact making I am aware of the pact is sealed in person face to face with the entity. A petition is made through ritual, then the entity actually comes to you to negotiate. I suppose the petition could be made by someone else, but the pact itself is generally negotiated after that with the intended recipient. The pact is sealed after the ritual while actually conversing with the entity about the terms. That’s just one ritual though. Others may be different.

I see… the person is in a different state… than where I live so I was just wondering how that would work. Just so I understand, in talking with the person… he told me that he got the nod to do the pact. So he would do the evocation… And the entity would come to me, and I would get to negotiate the terms on my own? Do I understand you correctly?

Sorry to ask so many questions, I just don’t want to mess this up.

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If I was doing the pact, then yes. I have no clue what ritual the person you are working with is doing though.

Based on what I’ve been told by someone who had EA make a pact for them, the way I understand it to work is that the petitioner would tell him what they wanted and EA would negotiate with the spirit. Then the petitioner would receive the written pact in the mail but its terms would not begin until the petitioner adds their signature.

I don’t know what your capabilities are, but if you cannot sense a spirit yourself, then sending the spirit to negotiate with you wouldn’t avail you anything. If you can see or hear the spirit then you could do the pact yourself without the middle man. If I were you, I’d ask for proof of the ritual being performed, and then you can observe things to see if the spirit is moving in your life. I know EA, as a professional magician, includes a video of him performing the ritual, as proof it was done, along with the written pact.

Otherwise, you will just have to take the guys word.


Ok So now we know you can get someone to do it for you. Theoretically…Personally I disagree and have my doubts but that is neither here nor there. It is a personal opinion and we are permitted that here, aren’t we? But back to the topic… . My question to you is this; why would you want someone else to do it for you? To me that is like getting married but having someone stand in for you at the wedding. Meanwhile you’re at Wendy’s getting a burger and fries.

When you choose this life, it is a life long commitment. Demons do not just go away like most marriages. If you are committing to working with a demon and to this life in general, then you need to do the work necessary to work with these entities and to be able to do magick. Why not start now? A pact is not needed from day one. You can learn and work with them without one. When you learn how to do it, then write your own vows and do it. I used the word vows for a reason. It is a commitment. Why would you want someone else to do it for you when your whole aim in doing this is to become more than what you were before you got involved with magick and demons in the first place?

Why are you doing it? Why are you here? To step out into your own godhood? Or to remain the same as you were before?

If you are asking this here it is showing me that you do not particularly trust the individual who will potentially saying “I do” for you. I learned a long time ago if you want something done right do it yourself. Are you going to trust someone you obviously do not trust, to do the pact right and include all the things in it necessary to protect you and get what you want out of this pact? Think about it… My last point is just about independence and control. I have always been fiercely independent and kinda a control freak… I want to KNOW what is being said and agreed upon if it is something I am saying I’m agreeing to and - AAANNNNDDD being bound to.

Bottom line is simple. If you are going to do something do it right. Don’t start out right from day one half assed. If you are seeking magick as a way to find independence and get away from that sheep herd mentality then START OUT BEING that wolf. Don’t go into the relationship and commitment to magickal life baaaaing and wooly or you’re bound to get eaten in the end…


@niki… thank you for being very blunt… I like that.

So here is my thinking. I’m new to this world… the pact is to help me with a situation I’m dealing with in my personal life. And I really need the situation corrected so I can move on to new things, so I thought it’s important to me; just like my car, I’m not a mechanic… my car needs fixed so I take it to someone that can fix it…

Under normal circumstances I would do this myself if I was sure I could or the situation was not as important as it is.

But I totally agree with everything you said… 100%

Also I’m committed to do what I need to… I decided to get into this life to better my self, and to not just be in the herd… I know there is more out there… I just don’t were to begin.

Shamans mediate with spirits for people who can’t sense them, that’s one of the oldest forms of magick and it’s found around the world, so there is a background to this, and it is legit, although obviously not every individual who claims it, is capable.


Thank you for the input… I think the person is capable… very… this is something that I have never had done… I think pacting can help me… I just didn’t know what to expect