Pact making

I tried to post and it didn’t show on the wall or on my post counter so here it is I hope it don’t show double…but here it is…l mad a pact with Bael lastnight I could feel him around me I didn’t have incense or candles so I had to do the best I could with what I had and I didn’t see a nphysicial full apparition all I had was his sigil and my mind…I could smell sulfur and a fragrance so amazing ive never smelled before but sulfur kept over powering it…any how we I stated my terms and asked him if there was anything he wanted he said he wanted for me to make my mark on his sigil in blood and I did it and bid him goodbye…kept the sigil for keep sake…should I bring the blood soaked sigil out during ritual again or should I leave it In the safe place for a memoir

It’s a link between you now, so I’d bring it out, personally.

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