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I know there are lots of threads on demonic pacts. I dont want to be a thread hijacker so here I am. I’ve come across a pact kit online
I am looking to get opinions on the legitimacy of something like this. Although I really wanted my first pact to be with King Paimon. I’ve been researching for weeks and still dont feel any closer to coming up with a suitable pact for the great King.

Ask the King himself about what a good pact between the two of you would be.

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Logically that was my first solution. I havent really seen any signs from him or visions that I know of. I’ve been trying to communicate with him every day. I even got him this

Hey guys,V.k jehannum blog have some useful information on king paimon ,you could check I out n see if have any pact advice about lord paimon

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Thanks. Is that here on the forum?

No but i can source back to his blog for the link though
Found it:

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Honestly the kit seems like a waste to me, because you can get all of the materials by different or free means.

All of that advice/examples for evocation and pacts can be found online. Really it’s a personal thing, so following something to the “t” isn’t as good imop anyways.

As far as the quill and sigil cards and triangle card and all that go, you could print or draw those yourself easily. Do you really need a quill…

I keep a journal so to speak, my book of agares. I like a good pen, I have several special for writing in my book, but they came from Walmart…

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