Owning the neighborhood

5 points (because i say that it has to be five, for some reason )

~~All love Drachir~
I: People will act, like if i were a very close friend -open to visits, intercourse, loaning things, just randomly approching and talking about stuff ~and it will work on anyone who is at that time in my territory. AND

~~my curse works over time~
II: the longer the people stay, the more effective it will get
~if someone lives here, it could be that they will love to hand my anything if i ask for it,
and i didn’ even knew they were existing 30 seconds ago.

~~“be on their mind”~
III: if i need cash, some help or wanna get laid, people will approach me
they will subconsciously know where i am, know what i need and simply come to me
you guessed it: i got social anxiety and not a lot of tolerance or patience for common people’s bullshit.

~~“i vamp the shit out of my zombies”~
IV: 1/9th of the sexual arrousal, love, appreciation and joy,
that is felt in that zone, will fuel the thoughtform, and the zone will suggest
them, that for some reason, i was the reason to said joy, lust, love and feeling of appreciation,
so they will be easier to trap in my web.

(not essentiell)
V: Have a dial turn, to select a certain extraordinary behavior,
like: All old people repeat to scream “the bandits are coming”.
Or all teenage girls yell at the sky “We need more dicks!”
Or, people randomly imitate star wars scenes…idk

i guess 4 points are more than enough.


What i will attempt:

Because i was bored, i came up with this method:

I got 10 numbers, and a dice with more than 6 sides.
I got 5 points to repeat over and over again.

~You guessed it: i’ll dice two times for each point, while thinking of said point.

I got a foil plate for the note, and one for the witness of the targeted area.
Pentacles of Solomon, square pyramids and amplifying patterns.


The numbers, the listing and dicing is all there,
to keep my mind locked to the task at hand.


I Commend you friend. I like your style. :slight_smile: Here you are acting as A GOD ! :slight_smile: Thumbs The Hell Up! :slight_smile:


Not exactly.

~Only once this and my other projects will be fruitful,
then i’ll have created myself as a “god”.


Parallel to this, i do continue to attempt to break the mind of a person.
~I want pets and servants.

Thats why i dislike the bible: you look at the thing from the wrong perspective.
The god just declares something and it becomes law to lesser beings.
The god takes when he wants to take.

Those who need permission of another person, are placing themself below the other.
~Its a needless dependence.

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i’m all dressed up and naked, i see whats mine and take it.
dressed up, but naked = you don’t need to hide, but they have to

“finders, keepers, loosers, sweepers”
~everything belongs to you, so you can’t loose it,
you don’t have to find it, you don’t steal it,
you-own-everything, because you declared that it is so.
How did you do that? Because of power, thats how.

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The need to hide your intent, proofs that you are not in control, on power.
The need to act in secrecy, means that people influence you more, than the other way around.

You don’t rape them, you make them loose any resistance.
You don’t steal from them, but they willingly hold your money ready for you.

You are not trapped into a community, but the people are there to serve you.
You get worshiped, instead of you servicing them.

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And i see this state, as one of weakness, just as the common mentality is.

~I will not get to the other side of the road, because i don’t wanna see their looks at my unusual walk and “outdated” way to dress. I don’t wanna speak my curses in whisper, and facing away from the idiot causing me to chant them -NO!

I wanna own them ALL, and completely.
I wanna own their thoughts, desires and deeds,
and as i own it, i control it.
Their opinion either not relevant, or completely controlled by me.

Today, i might sweep their bathrooms,
but tomorrow, those people will offer me their dinner, wifes, goods and money.

THAT, is what “owning the neighborhood” means.

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Bronana I actually can’t wait lmao

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Of course, since your little haunting,
will make good practice for the real deal :smiley:

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true, although you will already be acting like one to accomplish this. :slight_smile:

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Well it became clear, that i’ll need another one of these,
to make all the changes.

Side quest:

Get people to worship cthulhu.
~I want graffiti, i want wacky sculptures, dreams and conversations about it.

Lol, i forgot to add the 10th number :rofl:

Of warhammer 40k… you gave me so many things to consider doing.
~Holy mothers of fuck… i might consider, writing a book on using the
conceopts of certain “fictional” works.

warhammer 40, soul eater, star wars, etc.

Fuck… i’m GOING to do that!!

:thinking: my only question is are you getting tangible verifiable results with these concepts? I done my share of rabbit hole hopping in this direction with skyrim. Came out of it with some good insights that have helped me wrap my head around certain things that i then applied to other work.

Of course, the book would be a mere bonus to the success of the work itself.