Owl's notes and goings on

I’ve been preparing all week to evoke President Buer with my friends who have recently become interested in working with the Goetia. In preparation, I’ve been working to ground my self and have been petitioning King Paimon in the hopes to have a successful night. Today, while working on some crafts, I lit a blue candle to honor King Paimon and I’ve really started to notice and feel his presence. I’ve been hearing random knocks, sounds like things are falling but nothing fell and when I’m working with my fire pit outside and doing work, I’ve been hearing really loud insects suddenly kick up. I’m also more confident in my art and divination skills. I intend to finish the fire pit space and make it a ritual working area. So far, I’ve got the circle of the pit and some rocks surrounding it, I just need to lay out the circular patio portion and then we’ll have a nice area to work!

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We worked with King Paimon, Duchess Vapula and President Buer. We lit candles and invoked each using their Enns and invitations. When we were working with Duchess Vapula, something touched my face just under my chin and my friend’s arms and the palms of her hands. The feeling in the room was peaceful and cool and my friend who really wanted to speak with her received visions.

When working with King Paimon, the room we were sitting in started to feel restless and electric but not unpleasant. My friend was running her ceiling fan so we didn’t roast in the room since there were 3 people and at least 10 candles going and the fan started to make a weird grinding noise that we’d never heard before. It wasn’t a soft sound either, it was loud and jarring. No one was touched but I kept receiving a message that I won’t share here but it was repeated over and over again and when I heard it, it felt like someone was breathing behind my head, like I felt air move my hair.

When working with President Buer, the room got quiet again but it was totally silent. We couldn’t even hear the fan at that point it was so quiet. When we were chanting his Enn and inviting him in, the room started to smell like an animal a bit. There were no animals near us and the candles were scented like cinnamon. My friend who had wanted to work with President Buer said that she felt a weight on her but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I received a message to give to my friend that I won’t share here.

Overall, this was a great experience. We’ve made plans to start doing these rituals every Friday so I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile: