Owing Belial a favor

Hi everyone, I did a sigil spell last night. I asked Belial if he would help me get into an apartment. He said what’s in it for us? I said I would publicly announce that he had helped me. I didn’t hear him say this but got the feeling that he would ask for something later on. Any thoughts anyone has on this would be appreciated. Thanks

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He might ask for something later on. Be prepared to give it when he does.

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Belial is a tough one so I agree on being prepared.

This thread has something similar:

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I’m gonna post this here and in the appropriate place to thank spirits. Belial came through amazingly. I applied for an apartment I knew I would be denied for due to low credit score. The website I applied to malfunctioned, not processing my social security number properly. And I’m in. This was a real miracle. Thank you Belial, you are awesome!!!


To put it simple:

You want to offer him something that you DO like,
by yourself,
rather then waiting for him to come and collect.

It’s much easier to take that choice on yourself,
then having him select it,
and feel “robbed” by that.

After all,
Spirits can usually be pleased very easily,
by giving them an offering of Life Energy,
food works great for many mages.
Others actually go the extra mile and offer blood,
or even the Essence released by butchering an animal.

What is very reliable usable for that,
of course,
is “living food for animals”.

Like for example,
mice are sold living,
to be given as food to Snakes.

That type of living food,
it rather easy to come by,
when someone really “needs” an offering which releases fresh blood.

Regular blood,
you can buy at butcher Stores,
but only really good ones will sell it out to a costumer.

If they ask why you need it,
tell them you have a recipe for blood sausage (if they don’t sell that themselves),
or blood chocolate pralines (that one, they surely don’t sell),
where you need the component for cooking.

Never buy more then 1 litre.

I usually bought 2 litres,
and even in the fridge,
with spells protecting it,
it doesn’t hold forever.

However, you normally don’t need much.

A few drops usually are enough.

the most potent:

Sorcerer’s blood.

Your own blood,
holds more magickal power,
then any animal could ever yield.

A single drop,
mixed with red whine or animal blood,
usually sky-rockets spells and rituals.

Try to offer Belial something,
that you actually DO like:

He prefers getting something out of your possession,
which you hold dear.

Those are much easier,
to give up,
when you select the offering,
rather then having the spirit come collect.

It actually sometimes prevents the loss of a family member,
or old memorable items,
to go ahead and give a offering by yourself.

For your specific Case,
i’d recommend medium value offering,
he worked fast,
and precise for you,
so it shouldn’t be cheap,
what you give.

emotional value goes over financial Value here!!

In the folowing vieo,
you can find some reference for the value of blood.

(don’t watch it,
if it’s to much dogma for you.)