Overzealous lust

Hey guys whats is happening. I am wonder, mainly to spur on conversation, have any of you experienced strong feelings of lust. Lately it seems i have been very lustful to the point of insanity. I have thought about doing a spell to bring me a sexual partner but something always stops me for some reason. Can anyone else relate.

i can relate. i worked with beleth and asmoday and felt intense love over my victim. i think the spell worked more on me then the victim. but im happy that its this way cus i want real love from my victim not some temporary feeling.

Right haha i do not blame you there. Love is a strange beast it defies all logic and reason. It is for that reason it is beautiful yet mysterious. It is also the sharpest double edged sword any two people can wield together knowing that any time both could be cuy deep. Its a powerful emotion

@et666: Your spell reaction isn’t uncommon. You have focused all your energy, concentration, desire onto the intended person. That bond will amplify your longing.

@Awalter666: it is possible that there is also a spirit of obsession also amplifying your normal lusts. Try and re-direct that energy into useful spiritual work, or try a banishing ritual if it becomes too intense.

you should work with a lust spirit and bring u a sexual partner. see if it goes away or amplified. keep us posted. 666

Have you ever thought about maybe a succuibus? Just throwing it out there.