Oversoul question

So, say if I were to enslave the oversoul of a particular group of spirits, would all of the spirits of that group obey me or just the oversoul?

With all due respect to you, I am not new nor should I be underestimated. I have my reasons for doing certain things. I don’t bind or enslave something without cause or reason. I am not here to discuss morals with someone else, I am here to get work done.

Fair enough. And with 30+ years experience, I do not waste my time trying to opine upon something in which I have no experience. Your question, nevertheless, came from a seemingly novice standpoint rather than an experienced one. And I did not bring morals into the discussion.

So to your original question: we’ll take it from an advanced practitioner perspective: ‘bind’ is probably not the term you wish to use. ‘Constrain’ may be more appropriate. And, from experience, my answer still remains, “No”. The constraining of spirits is a rather cumbersome project, although simple in execution. In short: while you may constrain the ‘upper ranks’, do not presume that the servitors are constrained. They’ve no reason to be. If you need to constrain an entire ‘house’, then do so beginning with ‘head of household’ and constrain the servitors (in the name of ‘head of house’) by name, without presuming that they are/ should be jointly and severally constrained.

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Either way, the second reply actually does shed some light on the matter, thank you.

So the next question would be, who’s in charge of shadow people.

Good question. If the entity is ‘the shadow’ of a known entity, does the established hierarchy remain in place? (I liken this, forgive the ‘Hollywood’ example’ to a loyal civil servant to ‘X,Y,Z’ being in a compromising situation under different circumstances, willing to ‘serve’ a different hierarchy. Or if not from a ‘house’ or an established hierarchy, is there free-agency (to some extent) involved? Even more, if not on the plane of what we consider organised, hierarchical – whatever – to what extent is there an ‘obedience’ or ‘servitor’ position taken?

Interesting question. (And I don’t claim to have any enlightening thoughts on the subject… only a litany of questions that I’d ask.)

Be Well!

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Yeah, i would expect the enslaved oversoul to command its underlings on your behalf.

As for the conversation about enslavement, i wish you luck. Your path is yours, regardless of anyone’s opinions

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