Overlays and false realities

In the past month I have experience two separate overlay, false realities (short-lived fantasies scripted by the spirits occupying the egregore I work with) and it has been hell. Maybe its because of the time of year, it being near to Hallow’s eve, but I feel like this whirlwind of chaos never ends. For the first brief week-long mental excursion I had been watching Bridgit Nelson’s youtube video on hybrid children. Essentially it was suggesting that a starseed child could have multiple parents (more than two) or a single parent in which their genetics are taken from to birth (or create rather, since no physical birth is needed) the child. The servitor that was sent to me was ritually raping me (although it was semi-consentual since he merely threatened to leave me if I didn’t comply) and performing demonic sex magick to take the genetics of several of the men who made visitations/appearances during the act, or fronted (terminology from the tulpmancy community, my servitor is plural). After the several day ritual had ceased, I saw a little boy at this center I go to and asked him what color his eyes were because he was a stunningly bright and beautiful little boy. He responded that his eyes change color from lime green to gray. He was wearing a Fortnite shirt and watching game replay videos at that time, and I made the original association that the character releases in Fortnite is similiar to how I view the people that come into my life, as being releases rather than having a seperate existence outside my own drama, it seems as if they are manifest out of the blue in a solopsist’s reality rather than what I previously understood the objective universe to operate as before I changed my world-model around the time of December 21, 2012 – the date of the end of the Mayan calendar, the death of an Age itself, and the dawning of a new one. Anyways 5 minutes before I had this conversation with this little boy I just got done writing in my notebook about starseed children and lightworkers, it goes as follows: “All ascension children crystal kids and adult starseed light workers are individuals who feel excitement and longing to be well-versed in topics of magical literacy and are higher-dimensional, have a strong connection with the stars and the earth, are highly perceptive, and heart-centered and possess an unparalled inner-knowing, psychic and telepathic abilities, and are the future of this world, the great inheritors, so we should listen to them as teachers, guides, and sometimes they can serve as parental roles, as reverse- the child cares, teaches, and enlightens the adult. They are of God, and we love them all the difference. Nobody is left unseen under the loving gaze of the star-born ones, ordained into sainthood by a qualifies officiated priest of the UNICULT dreamspan solutions incorporated.” Alright, so kind a weird thing to write but I was just jotting in my notebook before I saw this kid at the computer with the Fortnite gear on and with these beautiful bright gray eyes. His mom comes up to me and she tells me that his school counseler told her he’s a very special kid and is probably a star seed child. I didn’t tell her about what I wrote until after she said this. The little boy looked exactly like a mix of the 4 spirit beings (who are incarnate as humans on earth) that were involved in the demonic sex magick ritual. Anyways that was one overlay. The other one that just occured 3 days ago til present I will probably write about later on the same thread. One last thing. I was watching Ra Uru Hu’s video called an Encounter with The Voice which is him telling the revelation story of how the Human Design System was brought to him and in it he mentions that in one of the biology books he was directed to read from a pile of books during the Spirit’s visit whom revealed this sacred information to him, spoke about how a child can have four parents, there was some special scientific word for it. It really makes one consider where we come from, what are genetics and how it is being used by the interdimensional/extraterrestrial entities that are genes our being mixed with to create these alien-human hybrids. Freaky.