Overcoming vitligo

This is not me and its not as bad as it used to be. I studies vitamins and TCM and have reduced it greatly, it never fully goes away and its partly genetic as a relative has it. Any thoughts PS- please read that I already study alternative health and nutrition I am looking to add magick to it

Thanks but I just mentioned that I use vitamins and herbs. I want to try some spirits now thanks though

Look into Ayurveda, you might find something there :wink:

Always attack the same problem from multiple ways. Combine medicines with spirit work and other supplementing methods such as reiki, energy work or pranic healing to get a solution rapidly.


Thanks but I keep saying I am using vitamins and chinese medicine I want to give spirits, especially of the goetia a try

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Thanks I appreciate that your the first person that has actually read what I said

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Find the mechanism behind it and that determines the spirit - if it’s auto-immune, you want maybe Raphael to tell your immune “army” to stop the friendly fire; if it’s sun-related, you need to work with maybe the Ahrimanian spirits, and so on.

if you can determine the cause, you can determine the best route to stop that cause leading to an effect.


That makes sense thanks

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I too have vitiligo …
I will try Marabas too :pray:t2:hopefully helps

This is linked to the hair loss and is an autoimmune issue - right - OK.

I don’t know where in the world you are or what healthcare you have but have you seen a medical professional? If you haven’t had a full blood panel, I would suggest that is your number one priority simply what is happening in your body and to baseline your inflammatory markers.

I have an AI condition and Marbas has been outstanding, truly beyond outstanding BUT I have had to follow his guidance to the letter and my injector has been messed up by the suppliers so President Marbas has given me alternative solutions (they may not be your solutions).

Yes, I’m aware that there are one or two here who feel I don’t have anything to say but I also have some experience of these conditions.

You say that you’ve studied TCM, that is interesting - have spoken to an acupuncturist, not the French aural method but the TCM method because that is something that may assist as well.

There is a second Goetic entity - Buer, however I don’t have any personal experience with that entity.

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Your partially right, please forgive me I just woke up and I tried to find the best one I could. At the moment I am referring to Chinese medicine and its mostly a liver problem, plus cleansing the blood

Word search " TCM vitilligo diagnosis"
As far as western vitamins, Vitamin A, E

Sounds good, I also want to help people who have this

I also suggest TCM vitilligo word search and vitimans A and E

That helps thanks, in my TCM research it is mostly but exclusively linked with the liver, so I have found some Jupiter to help

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