Overcoming The Need To "Know"/Fixating On Results

I think that I am, like, essentially a crackhead when it comes to divination. Which really gets in the way of my magick. And my manifestation.

How… do I work on this? What are the steps to take? Will just going cold turkey help the fixation or will it just be a pause in between me fixating again?

I got read by one of those autofill devices today. I asked a question, and it told me something along the lines of “Asking a question implies you don’t already know the answer”. Which is really poignant in my situations! Logically, I think I get the hip-haps, y’know? But I’m so good at doubting myself. And I’ve gotten into a HABIT of using these tools. But I think I just use them as an excuse to doubt myself ):

Any entities anyone can suggest to help me with this? Or just general worldly advice?


First thought,first emotion,first intuition. That is the right answer. Listen to it and do what it says. You are the highest guide you have.


Doubt, is a habit. Confidence, is a habit, too. As mundane and irrelevant as it may seem, I want you to do the following three times per day, for 100 days: Close your eyes, and on a piece of paper, draw a circle.

That’s it, that’s the exercise. Close eyes, draw a circle. Reason, you are put in to a position where you are unsure if you’re doing it right, and continually accomplish your goal. Do not focus on drawing the most perfectest circle ever. Just a circle. By doing something simple like this over and over and over, you train your mind to stop defaulting to doubt, and default to confidence that you will accomplish what you intend. As for the 100 days, it takes approximately 100 days of doing something to form and establish a habit, whether good or bad.

As for the circle part, it takes maybe ten seconds to do each time, and is almost impossible to fuck up doing, which is what is important here. You untrain the doubt, you train the confidence. :smile_cat:


Through talking to spirits I’ve learned that they usually answer questions or respond almost immediately (within 2-5 seconds) the longer you wait the more you’re imagination can hurt you. I’ve spoken to spirits, got an answer and, just to confirm it, I repeated it; and was met with “what are you talking about? I didn’t say that”


If you’re talking about obsessive behaviour, then you need to practice more detachment. Two ways to do this: establish a more meditative mindset, i.e. practice being in the moment as the observer of your experience and set aside time daily for “normal” meditation, and just get your mind occupied with other things that are of interest to you.


Okay, out if everything in this thread this suggestion intrigues me the most. How did you come up with this idea? Is it something you yourself have done before? Did you hear it from someone else?

That said, I’m gonna start doing it. I’m bouta have a notebook full of circles.


As above/so below

Change your underlying patterns.

Start with words. How you speak. Words like need, can’t, and must are words we use to express and exaggerate attachment. I dont want the cigarette I NEED it. See? So start by changing these patterns

Next thing to do. Use an affirmation. Mine is “whatever happens, happens”. Use the affirmation in any time you feel attached. For example if I lose a dear friend I will allow myself to be sad, but by saying my affirmation, I am surrendering my control of the event. This allows us to let it go. You’ll find yourself using it a lot when times are tough but it teaches us to let things be as they are without attaching and controling the outcome.

This is how I learned to detach from just about anything. Maybe the strategies will be of use to you.


I already refuse to use self defeatist terms (and often correct my friends when they do as well), but I guess I always get positive for a few mins and then am like “But is it REALLY good though?” and then I’ll use divination and doubt myself and just keep doing this until I basically get a “No”. Very stupid! But thanks for your advice :black_heart:

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It’s an issue I’ve dealt with before in newer practitioners, and it’s something that came to me as a divine inspiration. By keeping it something incredibly simple, you help in multiple ways. A lot of the time, people mean well, but they come up with overwhelming suggestions (I’ve done this, too) that the person in need of help may not feel like they could actually do. I like to use this method as part of my regimen for training disciples, because it teaches not just the bit about confidence and doubt, but plants the seed of using simple solutions to complex problems in an effective manner, so that when I present them with reading materials for study, it clicks for them and they understand on a level to where it becomes a natural action. To paraphrase some classic Taoist teachings, big things start little, when you attend to the small beginnings of things, they are much easier to deal with. There’s profound wisdom in the old adage A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You break big problems down in to smaller steps, and take one step at a time without feeling daunted, or feeling like you’re making no headway against this big thing. It’s one small step, you take it, and you have made progress. It’s a psychological trick, but it’s effective, because our psychology and mindset to play a part in our actions and perceptions.


The General, the muddy-boots soldier and the whore all ask the same question and all draw the same cards, but all get a different answer. Not so the Magician.



Autosuggestion is a simple solution to reprogram your mind to be more confident and calm with yourself.

Also, have you considered a pause on the divination? Something like a personal test - “90 day no divination challenge”? Sometimes taking a break and stepping back from things can help you get a fresh perspective, or find an answer.

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I have indeed considered that! I dunno if this made it into my original post or not (it was very late at night and I was a little manic), but my concern is if I do that then I’ll be able to do it just fine, but will then just come back to it after the timeframe is over and go back on my bullshit. Which, really, if I can’t learn healthy boundaries with it, I should probably not do it at all. It’s a lot like how people attempt that “30 day no contact rule” and then just spend the whole time counting the days, and then go right back to doing the shit they were supposed to be unlearning.

I recognize my discussion with obsessive tendencies and divination reliance comes off as an alcoholic discussing drinking or something, but addiction runs in my family and I have a personality disorder, so I’m pretty inclined to fixate. Especially stuff I feel powerless about. Not me being submissive to the obsession (hence thread), just noting it is actually a pretty serious concern of mine.

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This is so true. I have found that if I keep asking the same questions over and over again that they get really weird and mixed results, and then when the situation comes to fruition, it winds up being the first reading that I did for myself was the “accurate” one.

This post changed my life.


My 2019 energy.

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