Overcoming someone's will for love

I would like to know of a working that could completely take over someone’s will for them to love you? I have been working with Gremory and it’s going great however this is just my curiosity my second question is with the phrases of power E.A talks of in his video exactly how does one use them in practice? It’s one thing to know what they are but it’s another to put it in proper practice for results


Honestly man, just the sound of that makes me not want to help you

A black magician truly doesn’t mind things like taking over someone’s will and is not concerned about consequences


Here’s the thing though, if you override their will, sure they’ll be infatuated with you, lust after you and you’ll probably get some fun out of it. But they will never love you. They can’t even grow to love you, because no hint of such emotion was there in the first place.

Usually when I cast love spells directly on people, it acts as a seductive suggestion in their mind. I’ll just grow more desirable in their eyes until they want to come up to me.

It’s then a two way thing, because then I’ll have to work to grow that emotion into love and keep it that way, it’s done the hard way by putting in work attention and care.

Overriding someone’s will isn’t recommended because,

  1. They’ll snap out of it eventually, that is unless of course you bind them to you. But then you’re fucked cause you’re bound to them too.

  2. If you truly love them or grow to love them, you’ll be sad at the end of the day. Because as you stare into the eyes that you bewitched, you’ll always wonder if they love you for you.

But then again, if you’re not the true love kinda guy, you may not feel this whatsoever. But then why go through all that trouble? Just get the real thing instead.

It’s totally up to you though, these are just my views. I’m not here to judge or condemn you :slight_smile:



That, and

This attitude is going to get you into a lot of trouble, and obviously speaks to your inexperience… We as Magicians are Gods. Does a God have no concern for consequence? If you believe not, you aren’t ready for power, and won’t have power until you have respect for it…


If you already have that special someone in mind then just keep working with Gremory and occasionally do a candle spell or something to keep that flame of passion a’burning.

Can you be a little more specific with that second question?


The basic pheromone and psychological techniques are required when face to face.

Late night or early morning rituals however are where you connect with your victim (sorry it is a curse in a way) by understanding what they love, what they fear, hate and what challenges they face. Try to resonate with them so you can hijack their dreams.

Key is that they should be sleeping. You reach sympathetic vibration, then exert your influence.

So figure out everything you can about your victim and connect with their current. (Has kids, loves lilac, enjoys baseball, loves their car, passion for stamp collecting, sexual deviant, criminal record … ) If he/she loves green, burn a green candle. Use their favorite scent.

Once you have a dozen things that are super important to them, try to see the world through your victim’s eyes. You become your victim.

It is at this point where you can manipulate them to see you however you want.

You are going to gave to do some leg work on this one friend. I laid it all out for you. Connect the dots.

Be a mirror for their reflection. They will have no choice but to see what you want them to see.

Good luck!


But then your so emerged into what they like or want…youll be lost to what you like and want…if you hate baseball and they love baseball do you really want to sit through every yankee game? If they love green but you love pink do you want to sit in a green living room everyday?
I think forced love never truely works. One of you are gonna be miserable. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it.
I think a spell to bring real love to you would be a better course. List all the traits you would desire in a partner and what you would not. Light a pink candle and ask venus to guide love to you. On a Friday if you feel you need the extra. You could also dress the candle with vanilla extract.
Just my two cents though.


Completely agreed Arianna. True love is much better than becoming someone’s curse.


You are going to debate with me moral high ground when E.A himself states that a black magician has no concern for karma or three fold law or any consequences himself in that sense he is free and so am I I don’t concern myself with consequences what your doing is stating pagan beliefs against a black magician in that sense there is no argument and I do respect power and demons I’ve learned directly from them not some book that teaches passive philosophy and I do believe that gods have NO LIMITS because they are gods.


Actually, E.A. does talk about consequences in some of his videos. For example, in one of his video interviews, he tells the repercussions of what happened when he forced a girl to love him. When her natural free will re-asserted itself, she killed herself.

That’s not Karma or the Three Fold Law. That’s simply Cause and Effect.

So why haven’t your learned what you’re asking from the demons that exert influence over others?

King Paimon seems appropriate as he “teaches all arts, philosophies and sciences, and secret things” and is said “to bind men to the conjurer’s will”.


It would be very hard, they’d need to be very weak mentally.

A few questions.

  1. Do you have access to them or their property.
  2. Do you have any access to personal links such as a item of clothing, DNA, etc, if not can you get access.
  3. Are they interested in you or attracted to you?
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As you mentioned they may simply resist it, King paimon can be too forceful.

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Call it what you will. Three FD law karma etc. It’s still a limitation on things and I wait a long time to actually do something in ritual and ask appropriate questions like “can I live with this” “is this something I’m ok with” etc. Etc


I do believe She was the one who tried the love spell on him. Yeah, yeah, i know, but the devil always lies in the details…:smiling_imp:


Sorry, but we’re not talking about the same thing. Cause and Effect is very different than things like the popular version of Karma or the Three Fold Law.

Cause and Effect can be easily observed in the physical world. If you place your hand on a hot stove long enough (Cause), you will get burned (Effect).

That very much happens in magick as well. For example, if you magickally attack me (Cause), I will decide how to handle that on a case-by-case basis (Effect). And then my choice becomes a new link in the Cause and Effect chain, going back and forth until the situation has played out.

I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t do anything. That’s for you to decide, not me. I’m done judging other people.

If you’ve learned well from demons in the past, I would go back to them for this. That’s why I suggested you try Paimon. Seems right up his alley if you want to dominate another person’s free will.


Working with Paimon and Belelth together should give you total control over someone.

Humans have very little free will, the average person is nothing more than the product of their society & media, and will value, like, love, and even worship, what they’re programmed to do.

All you want to do here is find how much of that programming you can overwrite in your favour.

Look at the fashions for “hot” women in the middle ages – alien-looking high foreheads, no eyebrows, then compare that to the current fashion for orange skin, orange hair, black brows, neon white teeth and masculine abs – it’s screwy.

Look at the fashion in men over the ages, as well – white makeup and rouged cheeks, obvious wigs, huge codpieces over white tights, or less extreme, the suit and tie look in the forties compared to the insanely overhyped muscles we see as the action-hero norm these days.

Each of these extremes spelled desirability and therefore a kind of moral and social elevation in their time, an Ideal Person, all you’re doing is trying to hack the same pathways currently inhabited by society and the media to acquire that aura of specialness for yourself.

My recollection of that is, she tried to love-spell him, he sent one back on her, she went crazy for love, and she killed herself because of that unrequieted love.

She could have just as well flipped, kidnapped him, got creative with the duct tape and cattle-prods for a while, and then worn his skin as a man-suit for the next fifty years, there’s no accounting for how a spell will affect someone’s personality and you do need to be careful, there are some real psychos out there…


Gotcha. He didn’t go into the full detail in the interview I watched. Thanks for the full story.

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@Aluriel Where did you get this notion, that they “will never love you”? Sounds romanticized, Feelings can be created and controlled, to say nothing of operations when you’ve hacked their will. What you described as a love spell, really isn’t- that just sounds like programmed telepathy. There is a difference between mind and magic. Additionally, your concerns here assume that this individual has a will stronger than your spell, which is possible, but if spirits are brought in the odds of it are less. I’m not bashing you, by the way, I am suggesting to you that this type of spell is something you should work on, if you perform this type of magic. I don’t advise targeting the heart, but the brain, as the center of operations for a person it provides the most avenues. It is also the riskiest target as one wrong step and you find yourself editing their memories.

@NightWizard Consequences matter, yes, but concern over them is foolhardy. Contemplating one’s action before they set out to make it reality is normal process- but when the train gets moving, it isn’t supposed to stop until it has reached its destination. In the moment, it is the one who disregards what could happen to them, disregards the potentiality of failure, and ignores their pains and shortcomings who has the potential to shape worlds. It is the one who says “I disagree” that can change the course of a conquest. At the end of the day, intent moves mountains if you aren’t wondering where they’ll go.

@Eye_of_Ra If you haven’t changed them, or their personality traits, sure. But with complete domination of an individual comes certain “perks” that normally would take a larger amount of effort than they should. If they love green and you love pink, make them love pink. . A spell for a personal change like this is usually very easy to perform.

@valkarath “Free will” is what the person was raised on. “Free will” is their little sense of identity, cluttered up in their head. “Free will” is what they had for breakfast. Eva is correct, in that most people are simply products of their societies. To take it a step further, most people are enslaved to their bodies- the physiological reactions are often the basis for interaction. Our biological transmissions and instincts are mostly to thank for the development of “civilized society”. When you realize that everything most people have done, do, and will do stems from their biology, doors open.

@Godmagus Target the brain. Use electrical or lightning spirits, which can be found via shamanistic methods, and bind them via a pact to direct your target as desired. Use white, black, and blue candles for this, and generally have a photograph and biological link handy. If you don’t have either, a memory works.