Overcoming procrastination on magick

To explain what I mean, as some of you have seen in my intro, I can’t seem to get started on things. This is a huge problem considering well, if I’m not doing magick then I’m not doing magick. Now, I do intend to do some stuff such as try to get involved with sigils and get more information, but at the same time, important things like meditation or trying to get into TGS are either put off, or I’m not truly putting in the effort to do those activities.

I believe this is because I’m a horrible procrastinator, and I’m constantly putting stuff off. But not only that, but I’m also a bit impatient and I get frustrated easily, which certainly isn’t good for this type of stuff which can take months and years. It doesn’t help that I seem to make a lot of excuses and rationalizations for why I should wait and not do it, which I believe is because I’m avoiding actually starting.

I suppose I should actually get to the point of this thread, which is to get advice on how to overcome this laziness/fear/doubt/procrastination since beginning is the hardest part (or that’s what I’ve heard at least). I also believe that if you guys suggest it, I’ll be more likely to do it for a variety of reasons. Not to mention, I already know what the problem is, I just have to overcome it, which I imagine I can do with magick or even mundane means.
I can also answer additional questions if that’s necessary.

Thanks in advance.

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If you are in procrastination, that is because part of you is in resistance to something, and you are conflicted within yourself.

If you truly believed with all of your being that you must do something, and you are in alignment with all parts of yourself, then there is no way that thing can’t be done.


I still need to overcome my hate of meditation :slightly_frowning_face:

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Why do you hate it? Does it seem meaningless? Is it because you’re not given immediate results?

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its boring and a waste of time

Not being rude or anything, but have you gone through this thread:

For me, personally, I use meditation to help clear my mind, which leads to development of my astral senses. Sure, it’s boring and all, but a waste of time, it is not. I feel like I’m wasting time just by sitting at home and watching tv, thinking that I could have used that time to meditate. Not to preach or anything, but you do know that there is such as thing as “meditating on a spirit’s sigil to attain a stronger connection” right? As well as channeling, enhancing your claires and all that. I’m not sure about your views on this, but I believe it benefits most, if not all of the people who meditate. no offence

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you’re not being rude

I’ve read that thread, and I know meditation leads to astral development, claires etc, it’s why I said I need to overcome my dislike on meditation. I just don’t like it, its my setback. I don’t mean “a waste of time” as literally a waste of time :x

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I read in a psychology article, I think from psych central, that the root of procrastination is actually fear of failure. That is also rooted in chronically being very critical of yourself… hence impatience and easy frustration.

This is entirely true for me and worse for my boyfriend. He drives me crazy because he is so smart and talented, and disciplined honestly… he is successful at life, but he procrastinates so bad. I blame his mom honestly. She’s an asshole and likely the reason why he feels like everything has to be perfect first try. That’s what he grew up with.

Be kind to yourself. Tell yourself it is okay if it’s not perfect first try. Chanting “I don’t give a fuck” like a mantra is actually quite effective. Then just tell your thoughts to shut the hell up and do it. Remember being a kid and doing something stupid? Jumping in the ice water? Off the ledge? Running around the neighborhood nekkid? Lol whatever it was, it’s the same thing. We lose that I don’t give a fuck as we get older and it makes us hit the brake when we should hit the gas.


I used to hate meditation.

What changed it for me was meditation on sound. (Edit And Ashtanga! If you can find a great teacher that follows traditional primary series with counted breaths, go go go.)

I’m a bit of a freak. I was obsessed with horror at three years old and my dad being an only dad just let me watch anything xD

It started with chronic nightmares until lucid dreaming happened. Then my nightmares were my most fun dreams. Freddy was my bro. It just so happened that he didn’t try to kill me in my dream and we were cool. Aaannnyway enough backstory.

So I kinda get off on fear needless to say. So for meditation I would wait till later at night, and visualize a monster/robber/anything scary creeping around outside my window. The fear of an intruder paralyzes your mind, and you listen for any little sound for as long as you’d like. It’s amazing what little things you’ll hear, and it makes meditation quite more interesting.

After practicing that for quite a while, I can silence my mind completely at will and go right into a trance state.

Best Wishes

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