Overcoming Fear & Guilt

I’m not sure what the best place to post this should be, but the angle I am concerned with is certainly ‘LHP’ so far as I reckon it.

My past life has been entirely dominated by these emotions. Lack of self-confidence, anxiety, fear of failure; Guilt/fear-for-approval, for not being good enough, for having selfish desires, for my anger- all of which I have buried and need to re-integrate.

I would leave these mental-emotional bindings behind. If they were ever adaptive in ordinary life, they certainly are no longer- and they have no place at all in the kind of magick I want to practice.

What advice would you more-experienced magicians offer to the aspirant in such a position?


Write them down on a piece of paper, affirm that you’re letting them go and burn it on a full moon to release it so it “melts” away like the moon.
Shadow work, working on yourself, meditations.
Affirmations do help in this case.
Recognize your company, are your relationships with the correct people?Are you with someone toxic or are you toxic?

Therapy can also help.


Firstly it takes some courage to admit this on an open forum. I can totally relate because this is the exact stuff I have gone through.

From my perspective I realised that a lot of it was from societal and parental conditioning. I’m not blaming my parents, they did the best they could and they thought. However most parents don’t know WTF they’re doing. Also many are narcissistic to some degree. We don’t realise this untill it’s too too late. However what has worked for me is firstly forgiving them, but only because I knew they were doing what they thought was right. Once you forgive, then acceptance comes in some form. Once you accept, you know it’s NOT YOUR fault. When that happens a lot of these things gradually start to melt away.

I would highly suggest a dedicated meditation practice, twice a day if possible, with a minimum of 30 mins per session. This may seem much, but I’ll tell you this, as someone who grew up with ADD and not knowing it was ADD, I was able to push through my meditation practice and overcome ADD. Meditation will also greatly help you achieve the TGS state required for spirit communication.

I’m no expert but I’m only sharing what helped me. If I can do it, so can you.


NLP/Affirmations daily to combat pre-existing and self-limiting beliefs.
“Money is a good thing for me and a tool to reach my needs and wants which I richly deserve.”
“Magic is inherent in me and a natural thing.”


Greetings, for the author of this thread and anyone interested by mantra I give you a mantra offered by Shiva temple priest to remove lack of self-confidence, anxiety, fear of failure; Guilt/fear-for-approval, for not being good enough,
I dont have much information on the structure meaning of this mantra but the effect are really good. If you have a mala it is better. Chant 108 times daily :
In the awakening lucifer from Asenath you have the Shiva Mask ritual that you can use prior to chant this mantra to enhance the power but even without that it will have the strong effect. If you have an empowered lucifer oil you can anoint the third eye and chant the mantra to get faster result. It is my favorite mantra to remove negativity and bad emotion within myself.


that’s helpful to me as well as i had the very same question, questioner just asked before i could :slight_smile:

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i was going to ask the very same thing

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King Belial really helped me with these things over the course of a year. I remember him clearly saying 'Did you like yourself before all of these opinions of others told you not to? and the answer was yes.

No idea if you work with him or ever want to,but he is good at removing people who use you, label you, expect you to be anything but who you are. Quite brutally sometimes but he was patient with me rebuilding myself and stopping me be a pushover.

Shadow work with him reveals stuff that moulded you that even you are unaware of and sort of makes it easier to change and see what you need to remove or add.


that sounds exactly like what i need

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