Overcoming Doubt

The issue I have is that I have a really skeptical mind. I see people posting here about this or that demon telling them something, and having full confidence in it, and I just don’t know if I can have that kind of trust in myself.

I do definitely have clairaudience. But I still doubt myself a lot.

Some years back I spent a very brief time as an atheist. I remember all the scientific explanations for things that people think are paranormal, so a lot of times I still find myself asking, “What if there’s an explanation for that?” “What if I’m just imagining it?”

I don’t know how to shut this off. I’ve had very real experiences with demons, and things they’ve told me have come to pass. But, I still can’t seem to stop doubting entirely.


Ehh… Where do I even begin…

  1. Clairaudience - People share your experience all over the world. It has been in human existence since ancient times. The Mayans actually stated it was the voices of their ancestors.

  2. I was also an atheist for a very long time and experienced extreme depression for years. I got back into magick and the occult when I started having recurring dreams again about 2 years ago. Science actually has begun doing explanations of Theta-Waves as well as the waves of FHZ the brain experiences in different levels of consciousness.

There is an explanation for anything you can genuinely think of in magick and the occult as well as the metaphysical. You just need to dig deep enough to find it.

  1. You can’t shut it off. You can go about your life and ignore it’s existence or you can accept it as a skill you have learned to use through practice and meditation. Demon experiences are generally not actually demons so much as they are parasites such as astral ones. It is also explained as a condition with entering a trance / meditative mode as a condition of the mind from slipping inward. There are more in depth explanations, I’m just having a hard time finding the link at the moment.

  2. If you’re referring to the Goetia, they are very real archetypes of the mind that you are manifesting into your own consciousness. I’m sure it goes deeper than that but the very basic is that you have invited that wave of consciousness into your daily life.

  3. Getting over doubt is simple… research and research. Science is finally not hiding the fact that there is something beyond our sight and ability to conceive or even have a remote perception of. I suggest starting with science in regards to magick and the occult. Then going onto sleep science, theta wave science, etc.


Have faith in your skills and powers as a magician and it will come. Be fearless and confident and your doubts will fade…