Overcoming a spirit block

Situation at hand. Move into family house, first time since starting magick. spirit there, seems fairly strong and protective. Too difficult to kill him. Could have been there for a while.

Bullshitting me and has put up a block of some kind, can’t connect to any spirits and vice versa. Also taking liberties doing stuff to my energy body. Can’t really tell if friend or foe.

Recommended actions anybody?

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Get out of the house and call on gods of protection to help you.

Uh, take your power back and dont be anybodies victim. You are a God or at least have the potential of one. Dont let some spirit push you around. It is your house, your space.

Nothing is too difficult for you. You set up that barrier yourself.

Summon your inner power and deal with the situation. Draw the line and send it packing :confused: or do divination, see what it wants, why its being hostile. There is diplomacy or there is brute force.


It’s cool, i think I got this under control now thanks. But these spirits are powerful, not mere astral parasites. Chanelled demons have even said so. More powerful than me, just a matter of fact, for now. But not hostile, just guarding sacred places.

It’s unfortunate when people build regular buildings on ground inhabited by spirits of place. I see it as a good example of why the science of magik needs to be better understood and it’s wisdom accounted for.

Glad it’s under control.