Out of curiosity

When you soul travel, do some aspects stay in your body or do they come with you? Can a person in soul travel be different than they are when in their body?

When a person projects they project with their energy body, partially or fully, meaning they can be fully immersed in the projection or partially and able to go about their physical happenings while also able to project.
However, what do you mean about aspects?

Humans are a collection of circuits like a computer. The physical elements of the brain influence the personality. So I’m wondering if you leave your body, do some bits of your personality go with you, or do they stay in the body?

Like when I go out in real life, I’m dealing with lots of anxiety and some resentment. If I were to project, will they come with me or stay in my body?

Ah, then yes, your projection isn’t a different person, it’s you, so yes your personality follows.

However, when you stop projecting but do not absorb your projection then the projection acts on its own which isn’t exactly its own but rather your true self/subconscious self controlling the projection, safe to say it won’t do anything that goes against your views while it’s off in the plane your projected to.

okay so let’s say I go to some other world and there’s a night club for angels. I’d still be dealing with anxiety?

Is there night clubs in the spirit world?

Well it’s possible, you’re still around living beings and they do act pretty similar to humans. However, some people take the “well it’s not physical so it wont matter” and don’t let it affect them much. I know people go are squeamish at the sight of blood, but in etheric projection act like they wont bat an eye at killing something. However, given when a person projects they may or may not still be human in that projection possibly gives them that boost of confidence.

However, yes there’s nightclubs, bars, and plethora of other places within the etheric (what I consider to be the spiritual plane not the astral)

Those must be interesting…

Hm, I’ve only experienced a few, but it’s a nice experience and something less edgy than being chased by ghouls or something lol.

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You know I’ve had different moments of imagining seeing a tavern I. The middle of a forest filled with various creatures.

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