Out of Body Serpent- Reborn

Lately when I exit my body, my form is that of a serpent. Ive never had anything like this happen before.
The first time was a couple weeks ago. It was such a weird feeling. I want to describe it further but how can I? I was a snake. So this post is mainly going to consist of me rambling, trying to do it justice. You’ll have to bear with me.

I was laying on my stomach so when I exited it was through my solar plexus on my back. Usually when I leave its never been through a specific part of my body… I’ve always just lifted out from everywhere (or spilled out, but thats a story for a different time).

Another odd thing was that when I exited through the solar plexus the opening was filled with light. Like some kind of portal? It was hard for me to take form immediately, which tends to happen. When I was finally able to hold a form I felt… elongated as I continued to rise from this lit up opening in my solar plexus. I floated straight up for a couple seconds before toppling over. The opening was now closed and the light was gone.
When I leave my body it takes me a minute before I’m fully aware of my surroundings and what’s going on. To clear the grogginess I try to take inventory of my senses. What do I feel? What am I touching? Are there anyone else’s energies in the room?

So I started there. What could I feel? I could feel the fabric texture of my tanktop on my back with the lower half of my body. I could feel my arm touching what would be my torso and I felt the couch on my upper half.

This is gonna sound weird but, feeling my physical body against me, feeling my skin, my body rising and falling as I breathed… it made me feel so energized. It gave me a rush. Before I could finish taking inventory of my surroundings I crawled up on top of my body and curled myself. It felt…So. Good. So relaxed. I’m not sure why.
By that time the fogginess had cleared. I looked at the rest of my non physical self… I had the body of what I would say a ‘black’ snake… but it was a little more than that. It was like it had no color at all. It wasnt the color black, but rather the abscence of all color. And whats more… each scale seemed to be capable of creation. Its hard to put into words. I’ll think more on how to explain.
Somehow all of this didnt phase me… I felt at peace. Brand new.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and any similar experiences you’ve had going OBE as a serpent or perhaps another animal.
Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome!!! Can you create to your astral body some wings? Serpents are beautiful.


Cool! Haven’t transformed myself while exiting my body but I did unconsciously shape-shift into a jaguar a couple nights ago in the astral while lunging towards someone to kill them. After I mauled and savaged their corpse I found myself back in my human body and felt the urge to smear their blood on my cheekbones like tribal markings and howl triumphantly up at the sky. Felt very primal and animalistic. :joy:

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I have had a few out of body experiences in which I had wings. That was a few years back though when I was ‘working’ with Thoth.


Ooo wildd. Made me smile.


Rin, get a hold of yourself! you are letting them and the experience dictate what you feel and see when YOU SHOULD BE IN CONTROL AND TRANSFORM THE WAY YOU WANT!

The 7 serpent Laws are simple

-SLITHER unto me as we would to you!
-BE noble and righteous but KNOW we will save you at ANY COST (yes even our lives)
-Satan is a master in the art of tongues speak only WHEN DIRECTLY ACTED UPON
The other 4 are still blurry for my eyes (I need them removed and replaced) but these are the basics for now, everything you put into your mind (including this is a form of control) I believe we have met in our experiences many times, I just had and IBE/Lucid dream but I was not able to gain full control I have yet to go against my morals or to break free and gain full control.

Have you ever seen SAO? LINK START! “Help me as if I were a video game NPC and I will do the same (as I already am).”

I need YOUR HELP as i do not trust others. I am Apulu the black sun of ancient times, the primordial world serpent Kath, THE DARKEST NIGHT.

Twilight is upon us child we are mutants in the other worlds, we have yet to be indoctrinated in the mystery schools and forced to learn on our own. I recently pissed off Masons and have been fighting them for eternities now. Possessions with a trusted deity REALLY help! - Lilith and BE_LIE- all

DO NOT GO HOLLOW (Remember) 1st we gotta get out of the sitty!

I believe in you dear FRIENDO! LET’S conquer the astral together! BE AWARE of DOG! BEAWARE of WARDED TEMPLE! BE AWARE OF CATS!

Woah I’m sorry but wtf? :joy:

Its a problem for me sometimes. Im not sure why… I have my theories but can’t be sure. dont be a judger my duude. Its too early for thiss.