Our thoughts-the world of ilusion

I started working on my mind two months ago to get her on a right way because I’ve always suffered from overthinking and making stupid suggestions until I once went through Derealization and Depersonalization because of it.
This terrible experience strengthened me in learning to work with my own mind
What has helped you calm your mind and do nothing about whatever your thoughts are? What mental exercise helps you? It is interesting that there are still some thoughts that will trigger an emotional action that you do not want
How to completely detach yourself from thoughts and not be their slave?
From my experiences I can say for myself that It’s simple but not easy…



I use Law of Assumption inspired affirmations or askfirmations/afformations. Repeat as necessary to reprogram your subconscious.

I have also had success asking Dantalion to change my thoughts, and Cimeries to remove my subconscious fears.

Or I will use various sigils or the small rituals from 72 Sigils of Power and Transformation or Mystical Words of Power, et cetera.

If you are in the habit of drinking or taking drugs, stopping is also helpful.


Your suggestions probably weren’t “stupid”. You just have to think it through.

I go through “derealization” and “depersonalization” now, even after I consider myself to be King of my mind. You realize that our reality is so shaky and unreal that it makes you feel like that.


The aim is to not do nothing, but to learn what thoughts to act on and what ones to ignore.

What helped you to cure Depersonalization and derealization? :slightly_frowning_face::pray:

Accepting it

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When I experienced it for the first time It schocked me a lot I thought I am insane

Imo, having to go through typical, mundane reality is worse.