Our thoughts and how to control them

I have been suggesting various misconceptions of opinions and views since I was a child and since we have to control our mind there I would like to learn to control it. I would like to know guys what helped you with controlling your thoughts and what to do when suddenly appears constant intrusive thoughts that you don’t want. I was fascinated by the fact that we really aren’t our minds. I have had OCD since I was a child.
Sometimes it’s hell but it has to end. Human must not be a slave of his own mind.

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Well, it is a work in progress, but I developed this coping mechanism to deal with my intrusive thoughts: to call the name of a person I love. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened.

Meditation is helping me to get better, because both things are a pain in the ass.


I’d recommend Meditation as well.

It is what helped me grasp my thoughts and silence my mind to a certain degree.


Breath work like wim hof is extremely helpful as well.


Lately to control my bad thoughts and “OCD habits” ive been meditating a lot more and every time i feel the anxiety coming on i tell myself “its ok” and go on with the day

I do something similar, but I’m just basic AF and make loud squeaks. Haha

A psychologist told me once that the practice of meditation was to “control your mind” and “not allow it to freely roam” during a conversation on the difference between mindfulness and meditation.

It is a slow process, but you get out of meditation what you put in. I use an app called “Balance” and it’s helped substantially. It teaches breathing exercises that you can use to pull your mind back in focus/control.

Another thing that helped me was “labeling,” basically they instruct you to attempt to clear your mind and if you have an intrusive thought, “label” it as “thought” and then get back to breathing. I found if I say “THOUGHT” really loud when meditating, I can call it out like a buzzer. (That sounds really dumb saying it out loud but I’m sure you get the idea.)


Sometimes we grow a connection and pick up
The other person’s personality.
Do the same things they do stuff like that.

I have also had OCD for my entire life the intrusive thoughts come like every 10 or 15 seconds for the rest of my life lol and yea it’s really hell but there are different things that help. Meditation actually does help but for me, I lost interest in that a while back. There is also an app that reprograms your subconscious mind with subliminal affirmations and this is very effective for drastically calming it down even in some of the worst times. Here is the link for the app on iPhone and Android:

2 of the recordings in the app called “Mind Relaxation” and “OCD Treatment” are really effective to first calm the mind down and then there are other recordings that will help you control it better. Been using it for like 2 years now.

For OCD I would recommend a supplement called Haritaki which is remarkably good at quieting the mind, have been using it for a long while and it’s also helpful for other things like clearing fluoride out of your body which helps the pineal gland.

Also, ask the spirits you work with, they most likely know a lot of things that can help you control your mind.