Our sigils?

so being gods/demons can we have our own sigil. that represents us, and we can use it in rituals or to invocate each other for help ect


Yes you can.


Yes there’s a name for the process but I forgot what it’s called. Basically you assign a name or word to represent your subconscious self, your conscious self, and your higher self… sigilize the names… then combine the sigils to create a symbol for all 3 in one in order to integrate and symbolize unity of all 3 and to integrate ourselves into those aspects. Being able to access our subconscious with ease, as well as our higher self.


That’s the method used in the psychonaut field manual, haven’t tried using it yet though

Yes!!! I haven’t tried it yet either. I actually just read about it maybe last week haha. Still a very new concept for me.

Is not a new concept. Ppl from ancient times had attribute objects and also symbols to their own essence. Tip, a symbol is a symbol, and a sigil is a combination of symbols.

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Yes, also, sigilizing a composite word made of name and surname. (It’s possible to follow chaos method, Rose Cross method, or one I sometimes wrote about, with four alphabet tables where the letters are united)