Our Position in the Galaxy matters?

I have been having a recurring thought, and I am not sure what to make of it.

i keep getting this "The earth is subject to differing “Gods” “Spirits’ “Energies” and even “Aliens” depending where it is located in its curcuit of the Galaxy.”
i really am clueless as to why this keeps coming into my head- so just for data collection I decided to find out just how long it takes for us to go around once.

250 Million years<< !!! It hit me that— alotta shit can take place in that time- Life itself was pretty— different than now. In the time we began walking upright— we have only moved a fraction. That does not even take into consideration where we are located on the “Plane of the Galaxy” . i watch alot of "Atheist Expriance’ and other "Atheist’ stuff, and truthfully— i think tey are sure about alotta things which we simply do not know simply because— as a species, we have not “Been Around…” long enough to be sure of any conclusions- if we were a "Space Exploration vessal’ we have yet to even get out of dry dock long enough to get wet! [leaving aside the fact they all seem for the most part just reactionary to the stupidity of “what people claim the Bible-- or name your holy book sans veda’s” has in it. Hell they even deny earth contact by just non Terrans.
Does anyone now more about this than me, maybe some good reads- because I think this is kinda outside what my noggin can handle. ??