Our Own Masks

So I have already written the big parts of my story elsewhere but today I had to question something in my story and it is the mask that I was wearing. So simple break down I had saw myself wearing this very beautiful demonic oni mask battling what I would say an entity or demon on another space time of course but on earth. Like I was seeing behind one of our many veils and I was at least 7 to 8 feet maybe a foot taller but at any rate this mask had appeared to me on my wall later on and when I asked the being to remove his mask it was me behind that beautiful demonic mask. But it wasnt made up of matter in the sense of a mask on our plane. But instead made up of what I saw as every road I’ve ever been down and every road I will ever go down. Anyone have any ideas what this could possibly mean? Do I possibly have a part of myself stuck behind that veil fighting off the demons or is he stuck there by accident? But more importantly why was I wearing this mask and where could it have come from?

A mask, from an occult perspective, is commonly viewed as a gateway or symbol representing a particular phenomenon. Nothing more, nothing less.

With regards to the vision or dream, it seems that the mask represents your desires, attachments and ordeals. By removing this mask, you come to the realization that you are at the core of every experience you’ve had. All phenomena within your subjective universe is connected to the source, which is you.

It’s now up to you to decide your next course of action.


This would make complete sense but there is more to that story. And please please do respond you seem very knowledgeable. So one night I’m at a friends house outside smoking a cigarette. In this small field I notice two “people” battling not just fighting but battling. One was very tall 7 to 8 feet maybe taller with this beautiful demonic oni mask and the other was very short fitted cap on with a beautiful multi color polo on. I’ve never seen anything like it. He had on baggy Jeans with some clean sneakers. But his face was totally empty like no features no nothing just a blacked out face darker than the night. So they noticed me eventually and looked right at me. I looked into the oni mask and felt good like I was safe, like he was sending me feeling I cannot truly explain and I’m sorry for that. Then I look over to the little one and stared into his faceless face. And the most horrible feelings of fear washed over me so I look back to the tall one and he sent me a feeling telling me to run. And as soon as I looked back to the little one he takes off full speed right at me, he ran right through the chain link fence and wasn’t slowing at all. So I run to the tow truck I was driving at the time and jump in close the door and he jumps up towards the truck and I lock the doors and no sooner than I touched that button he grabs a hold of the side of the truck and rocks it. He was heavy. And he stares into me like looking straight into my souls even though he had no eyes you could still feel it. So I started the truck up and drove away. He stayed on until I hit a speed bump and his just dissipated into nothing. After this I later find out it was me behind that mask in that field.

Sounds like you basically saw a reflection of your inner self and the past, future of yourself.

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Could it be a possibility that I somehow have a part of me stuck behind that veil though? My son sometimes stares up at something that is very tall but not there.

I’ve felt for a very long time that I had been missing a piece of myself. It got lost along the way.

Well, the word person means mask. It’s used to allude to the different roles we have in life. It may be symbolic of a rol.


Everything in our reality is essentially a reflection of our “self” and the thoughts we choose to project. So in a way yes this is all you. But you see it as seperate because thats what helps us learn and expand on our consciousness. Learning experience = Life. Always expanding, growing.

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