Our first father is Adam who is spirits first father?

.First what are spirits? Spirits are a being that can’t be seen by the human eye it doesn’t always mean someone who is dead , or how would you explain living entities who dose not have a physical body in the astral realm in the Arabian history those spirits are known as (jins) including dark black and white arts they are all (jins) even Satan is a (jin)

.who was the father of spirits aka(jin) it’s said in our history that God created a being named (someya) and someya made a wish to God and said my Lord i wish to see and not to be seen and Our old will become young and we fall in the deep and God gave him that wish .

.the reincarnation system is a truthful lie but
how ?

The reincarnation system belongs to( jins) and jins alone it’s what someya wished for in the first place when we die as humans our souls will leave to the creator our bodies would die and our spirits will go to the isthmus life in Arabic it’s called barzakh life it’s the life of the between between the physical life and the after life we will live their in a bliss or a tournament until we will get Resurrected

.the visions you clam to have from past life is not what you think ,it’s visions of you from the parallel universe

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What’s the point of this article.


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Well according to EA in the book KoF i believ there is a destinction amongst the 3 beings angels, demons and spirits. They have similuary functions but different approaches.
Most ppl on this site will argue that by own experiences they are not all the same inleds then the term djin is a broad description.

As for reincarnation being a lie Well thats only your opinion you cant disprove it but there are things that speaks for it.


I laughed reading all you wrote here…seriously. But your nick alone says it all. So, swim in your knowledge alone.


Crap! Is there such thing as aka to spirits? Spirit is English word, Jinn isn’t (Arab). (As I heard from Islmaic scholars around me).

Even the Christian Bible says, God is a Spirit. Ya telling me now that the God of Abraham is a Jinn?

Lucifer is a Spirit, so he is a Jinn too?

Because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it is so.

They can do so. I do play video game with my guardian, physically. Like, hit (softly) him if he keeps winning.

The spirits maybe known as Jinns but don’t say spirits are also known as jinn. It’s like saying the entity Belial is a jinn cuz he is a spirit. What! (or is it language barrier). One is arabic and the other English. Just like how they confused Al’lah as a name, but Allah is just an arabic word for God (the god). The word God is English language. In Latin, the word God is Deus. When they say may almighty God ‘Allah’ bless you; it is the same as saying May almighty God ‘the god’ bless you. Language is the conflict here. The name of the Christian God is Jesus, so what is the name of the Muslim God? They will say Allah, which in english means 'The God '. That is not a name but a title. If you are a muslim do you know the name of the God you serve, o ye religious dude? Your answer, I know, will be, Yes, Allah. (I went off topic but its to make clear my explanation).

Arts stands out, has nothing to do here at all. Angels are not Jinns. It’s like calling the Salamanders angels, nope, they are different. Or calling the Gnomes demons, nah! They are not.

Many of stuff like this are made up by scholars to bring out moral lesson. It has been existing for long, as for the ones I have read it dated back to the days of David.

Hahahah I can’t stop laughing.

Can you see this:

It’s just your opinion. It doesn’t change the fact.

I don’t wanna be too harsh but all this too are off. Have you been out of this planet called earth at all? If so, I can take you on a journey to meet some cosmic beings who will propound mysteries and truth to you, and not this human written knowledge you count to be something.

Another false. If only you understand what a past life is. Do you even know how many times you have reincarnated? I was told by a spirit thay some people will reincarnate upto 50 times before they can ascend…that’s why I appreciate and embraced occultism and not religion, cuz it helps in ascending faster than anything.

So, you think you got something and wanna come in here and show off, uh? Well, as I have seen with my short time here, I have learnt that BALG forum is no playground or home of newbies.

Humble whatever you might have learnt before and compare the knowledge of others here with yours, look for where the conflict is, and some new stuff to add to what you knew.




I think OP should invest in The Book of Smokeless Fire by S. Ben Qayin.

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K thx i will

Reminder to please keep conversation polite, and @Religious_dude, word of advice: be wary when making statements aboiut absolutes, the very least you’ll do is piss off people who have different experiences, nut far more seriously, you may paint yourself into a coprner by defending an incorrect, or at least, incomplete, piece of knowledge as though it were a final and definitive fact. :+1:


Just for ur information… Arabs specialy “muslims” knows and believes that anything they didn’t see is jinn but satan " Iblis" or the devil is not jinn he is known as “shaytan” and they didn’t believe in anything but paradise “janna” and hell"nar" so about that anyone thinking with his brain knows that every different religion form the ancient days says things to make people or in that case "herds " to follow somethings or someone’s beliefs or as i love to say “customes and traditions” from old worlds not based on anything but bla bla someone said bla bla it’s “hadeth” from prophets bla bla that prophet seen a vision of angel told him "Quran " … So it’s all men said things and people took that and made it a religion