Our deluded world / Money for proving telekinesis

There are tons of prizes for people who can do paranormal abilities. They include telekinesis. This was so easy to learn; it only took a few days or so for me to 100% confirm I was doing it. What gives? Will these “experts” rig tests against me? For one, I can only use telekinesis to move a small bead hanging by a thread. Regardless, I can definitely prove I am not touching this or using any type of electronic equipment, etc. Will the government or someone block psychic abilities from occurring under lab conditions? I read so much about telekinesis being fake; it really annoys me. I actually offered people the teachings to learn this for free and was still scoffed at. How can something be so easy to learn and real, yet the world considers this to be some kind of joke? I used to think this way, though. I suspect the “experts” will say it was wind from my hand or something. I know that it is not, though. I want input from you guys and girls, because I don’t want to waste money on travel and want to know anything else you guys and girls think of.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_Investigations_Group This is a link to a group of people offering $250,000 to someone who can prove they have a paranormal/psychic ability.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_prizes_for_evidence_of_the_paranormal This is a link to groups around the world offering money for proof of psychic abilities

I reflect on this a few decades ago and determined that if I had the skill developed, I’d likely fail in the lab due to pressure and nerves. Maybe it’s just me, but all of the other things aside, such as their energy competing with mine and all that, I’d likely be so stressed that I may not be able to get into a state conducive to manifesting that with enough force to get past whatever counts as above statistical chance in their experiment.

You say it’s easy to learn. Perhaps this is naturally in your wheel house. I’ve seen people who spent ages trying to learn how to roll over a can of Coke which doesn’t really seem worth my time. When someone can bend metal with their mind, nerves will not be a problem and that would be something worth learning how to do, provided that everything else is in order. The average person isn’t going to be interested in spending 80 years to learn how to roll over a can of Coke or how to roll over a barrel when they could just pick it up and move on with their day. This is due to work and family needs.

Now there is that one dude ‘Ury Geller’ something who tried to do telekinesis live on American TV and he said the vibe was too low but then he did it no problem in Britain. They simply were probably too skeptical on the show to have agents working against him. You go back to the 60-70s they were actually MORE liberal about having occultists on talkshows: table tippers, astrological predictors, wiccans, psychics etc.

But notice only do they bring on the fake hustlers today or spend the whole time with the psychics testing teasing and making fun of them! I would suggest using a stage name if you decide to go for any of these contests. I’m sure they have agents to counter the issue. Then there is also the fact that they design the experiments to not even be possible for people with abilities. Partially because they don’t have a clue and partially because they have a vendetta against psychics and get off on humiliating them. I swear I want to ask the randi challenge guy who hurt him!