Could I use a Ouija board to contact demons to fulfill my desires. and also could I make demon friend using the Ouija board??

Stop asking questions and try using the search function for a change. Just click on the little magnifying glass and type in “Ouija” and a dozen threads will come up that will answer your questions,

However, it will require that you actually read them instead of posting questions over and over again, expecting someone to spoon feed you.


I did and im not getting the answer I want

You’re not going to get “the answers you want.” You are going to get people’s knowledge and experience.

For example


Or, from another thread:

And one more for the road:

These quotes pulled from the first three threads that popped up on a search, pretty much answer your question.

The consensus is, yes, you can contact spirits via a Ouija board, but you will never know if it is really the demon you wanted, or an impostor lying to you for shits and giggles, or simply being manipulated by your own subconscious mind to give you what you want.


Could I use the board with the a spirits sigil by it

Seances are more reliable than ouija and the “simple” automatic writing; all of these are even more reliable if ritualized i.e. if you light candles, burn incense etc. Indeed, the use of an entity’s sigil is already an effective device.