Ouija experiences

Greets, all.

Just wondering if anyone has any interesting Ouija experiences they would like to share. When sought online, experiences range from enlightening spiritual encounters to horrifying paranormal nightmares repleat with demons, telekinesis, active portals, possession, madness and suicide.

Any first-hand accounts out there? I’m hoping for a few on the enlightening side, and not just the negative ones. I have very little experience with the Ouija, although I collect them as a curio.


i’ve had a strange experience with a ouiji board when i played it alone, after that i acquired some magical power, it is a weak power but if i could developed it i could become omnipotent and achieve enlightenment, on the other hand the entity i communicated with would not to this day tell me its true name or nature, also i can not communicate with any other spirit with the wigi board because whenever i try to play it this entity shows up immediately blocking me from contacting any other spirit