Ouija board

is it possible if i evoked a spirit (Angel - demon - jinn) and used an ouija board to communicate with it ?
is there is will be an interference from any spirit on the session ?

Yes it can be done. Just bless the ouija board beforehand, and right before the session do some protective magic to keep away interfering spirits and state your intent.

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Thanks for sharing the idea but i dont know what do you mean by blessing.

I would suggest you stay away from this stuff if you’re not experienced. It’s not a safe way of communicating, because essentially, you don’t know who or what you’re talking to. Usually, lower-level entities come through and you’ll find yourself talking to them. They might tell you whatever you want to hear and even pretend to be some other entity. All they want is your attention and energy, and they will usually not be helpful at all.

If you want a safer way to make contact, learn some basic meditation techniques, grounding, shielding, and try getting into an altered state by chanting their names or looking at their sigil, for example.

Ouija boards work, but they are not safe, because it’s fairly easy for other spirits to intrude.


I’d recommend you to communicate with a spirit through a pendulum, tarot/oracle cards or learning how to channel so you can communicate with the spirit through your mind. It’s better to stay safe than risking to talk to a trickster. You never know who you really talk to through ouija boards and you don’t know if the trickster is heavy and negative until later, they can really drain your energy to the point that you can feel depressed. You can also ask the spirit to communicate with you through dreams, that’s what I did when I was just starting out in the spiritual path and that worked well for me, you can sleep with the spirits sigil under your pillow.


I did the same thing, and the result was pretty amazing and very accurate. I think this is a very good idea to try this, especially as a beginner, because ouija boards as well as pendulums (though, I believe, they’re much less risky) might be a way for parasites to mess with people. Anything that involves your own mind’s inner processes and growth like dream work is preferable to things like oracles or divination imo.


I tried the board on lucifer and he told me “I don’t play board games”


tell me how it goes

An author believes that seances, ouijas etc may be improved by using the classical table with 3 legs, round, of wood, also burning incense and operating in the dark, or fine-tuning the spirit contact with a colored light.