Ouija board, any tips?

Hello everyone, i never used a ouija board and im feeling curious about it so i probably might give it a try during these days, i understand that this practice is a little bit unstable since u are not completely sure who is the spirit that answers the call, does anyone have any tips to have a more succesfull experience ??

Learn how to banish and cleanse your home after you use one. Anything and anyone can come through, including beings who will fuck you and your loved ones up for fun.


thanks for reply!, i thought about that but i dont have much sources about it, do u have any book recomendation i should look into ? for banish and cleanse of spirits

For cleansing a space get some sage, Palo Santo, or sweet grass. Google smudging or use the handy search bar we have. The magnifying glass.

For banishing say this in every room of your home, you should feel the energy leave your hands, have the intent to remove all unwanted entities and energy from your home, and lastly visualize your energy moving around and getting rid of the entities and energy.

Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus
Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine.


thanks ! i appreciate it !

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@anon33099313 what language is that if I may ask and were did you get it from is it from gotea it looks like something I have seen before but I can’t place it ?

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It is ea KOF book if I remember correctly. It’s also on several post of the forum as well. A rather strong banishing chant. I’m not sure what language it’s in


Ok that’s were I have seen it in ea book thanks :pray:t4:

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I agree with @anon33099313 learn to protect yourself and your space and learn to banish and cleanse.

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My tips are to consult others and read articles about those who’ve tried it , and be fully aware of the potential consequences , it would be a wise move to work with protective spirits before such a thing .


For sure protect yourself, you don’t want to let anything unwelcome in. I have used them for years. I always banish after unless it’s someone or the entity I have specifically called in to speak with. I however prefer my pendulum board. I’m my opinion that is not as easy to influence because you don’t move your hand with them.


What’s tthe meaning of these words

It’s nothing intense to prepare for it. Salt around a circle, board in the middle, sit down… receive your answers. Say thank you I’m done, take your fingers off once the palette moves to goodbye.

Ouija boards was high school action for me. I don’t tend to them anymore. As utilising and intriguing as it is; I cannot be bothered to deal with spirits with an aura of distrust.

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Yes, DON’T DO IT! :smiley: it is probably the worst type of communicating with spirits and the best and fastest way to get in contact with mischevious trickster spirits.

I don’t get why an ouija board should be “worse” then a pendulum for example or other items you use for communication. Why does it matter how you communicate in terms of the questions that unwanted visitors could come as well?

It’s not worse and they’re particularly the same in sense that an “influence” is bringing some sort of answer — but the pendulum is respected for its divination — if you know who you’re working with and have a strong connection — the pendulum will most likely be a response from them. Then again, I’ve had mixed experiences with the pendulum.

For me, right means yes. Left is no. Spinning on its own in circles intensely clockwise means an INDEFINITE yes or some form of urgency. Whip out a pendulum for whatever reason, subconscious and spirituality isn’t too far apart. Answers are needed sometimes. Even though it’s things we don’t want to hear.

Speaking of which, divination and channeling are important tools. Oracles of any kind will always exist. I was warned for eye sight problems in the future so I have to see an optometrist. I was thankful for the heads up by my protector, but it’s just sad news to hear if it becomes true…

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