Ouija b*tches

Sorry for the title lol so I wanted to share one of my first experiences with a hot spirit via a ouija session that I was invited to under false pretenses…
A week after my mom died I had a “friend” or someone I thought was a friend invite me to her home for a ouija session. I had barely just begun walking and studying my own path and this person had already been doing this for a few months (Wicca current-not mine but I’m not judging anyone)

Anywho , she talks it up like it’s amazing, even when I told her I was still apprehensive to contact the spirit world, she insisted that we could contact my recently dead mother and that the night before her and her husband contacted his family members and it was a very healing experience.

I was ignorant , hurting a lot from JUST losing my mom and I was also desperate to get any contact with her. Against my better judgement I went to her house that evening…

When I arrived there were several other people there that she knew who I didn’t know. When we sat down and began a spirit came through saying it was my grandmother. I knew it wasn’t. Then i asked it some questions about my grandmother and the answers were incorrect. I started feeling more and more that it was a mistake so I just didn’t ask anymore questions.

The people I was with started asking who was there and who wanted to speak with them and began conversing with ANY spirit, people who had been murdered etc… i was sitting in shock because it didn’t seem that there was any rhyme or reason to this communication…they were just fucking around and that made me mad because she didn’t tell me that they were just going to talk to any spirit.

Finally when a very hot spirit came through I said goodby and removed my hand from the oracle. All of the people looked at me crazy and said how dare I remove my hand that I just fucked it up.

I told them that I was sorry but that I didn’t want to talk to those spirits that they were talking too. They got mad at me so I left.

I never spoke to her again because all in all she was a bad friend and that was the final straw. Even though it was a scary experience it actually pushed me into studying and into the practice I have today.

Also a couple months later I visited a spiritual shop and the owners told me that the old friend I had had come in asking for help because apparently she and her husband continued fucking with spirits through the ouija board and this was causing her a lot of problems. And that she had lied to the shop owners saying that I had brought the board to her home, opened communication and then left the board there. This was a way for her to blame someone else for her problems.

The shop owners wouldn’t help her because she had willingly done this and they didn’t believe her bs story either as I had the messages she sent me inviting me over originally.

They also said that I did the right thing closing the communication when I did and how I did.

I just wanted to share my ouija story. It was a very raw experience and intense but it was beneficial for me in the end because it served to cut those toxic people out of my life as well as push me in the direction I’m on now.

I don’t regret saying goodby and taking my hand off of the oracle. No disrespect , but spirit world is a lot like life, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to a spirit you can say goodbye and you shouldn’t talk to every spirit that comes through because my ex friend really fucked her life up.


Thank you for the experience. So many on other platforms would talk in your friends point of view but never acknowledge they had done it to themselves… oh no its the boards fault! Damn Parker Brothers!

I totally agree with you; you retained your own power and let the spirits know you wouldn’t take their shit.

I was at a birthday party when I was maybe 14 and the birthday girl brought out a ouija board for 20 some odd kids to play with (right after someone spiked the punch with Vodka) so not the best idea.
She got a weird spirit that obviously was poking fun at her then tried to creep her out by telling her it wanted her dead. In this case I don’t think the spirit wanted anything, it would give her maybe one word or some letters and she’d spell it out herself then the spirit was happy to say what she said is true.

I try to warn people not to do that, don’t finish sentences lol, let the spirit do it.


Hi, You were completely right to take your hand off the oracle and assert your power!

Secondly, what a bullshit “friend” What a crappy thing for her to do to you especially after you just lost your Mom.
Your life is really better with out her as you already know.